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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Oh you might as well give up. I also disliked Huck from the beginning and he doesn’t get any better... if anything his character just becomes worse. And I can’t remember when Quinn goes through her big change but yeah, her character “evolves” the most.

    To be honest, none of the characters are exactly likeable.

    It’s still a guilty pleasure show for me more than anything because I already feel so invested and I’m a sucker for end of episode cliff hangers and season long arcs... but honestly if you’re expecting it to get better... it doesn’t.
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  2. I’m a few episodes behind but I had no idea it was ending this week! Crazy but unsurprising that it’s limped to the end like this. They focused on all the wrong things for this final season.
  3. The other crazy thing is the series finale is... one hour. Like, really, Shonda?

    You'd think they'd give it a proper two hour finale since How to Get Away with Murder is on hiatus and Station 19 could wait a week. Very odd.
  4. I've caught up with it all now, and will watch the finale this week, but it's definitely one of those shows that suffers a huge dip in quality very early on. The first season was excellent and really had me excited for the rest of the series.
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  5. That's not up to Shonda, though. ABC does the scheduling. Shonda may have asked for a double-episode finale but not been given it (I remember Sarah Michelle Gellar being upset that CW wouldn't give Buffy 2 hours).
  6. So after 7 years, Cyrus is the best Big Bad they could do?? Dull.

    Unless her father receives a heavy blow to the mouth mid-speech with something concrete, this is going to suck.
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  7. Well, ABC should have given it a 2-hour finale. I mean, it was a big hit for a few years. It seems so anti-climactic. There's a lot to wrap up in an hour and it seems half of it will be all of them testifying.

    Weirdly, the show went to shit... and yet I'm going to miss it. I must have a dysfunctional relationship with this show.
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  8. I don't disagree there. They give Grey's 2-hour episodes quite often. Generally, I feel like any show (still great or once-great) should get a massive sendoff. Scandal helped form TGIT which turned into one of ABC's most lucrative nights. It was also historic in having the first black female lead to get an Emmy nomination in nearly 2 decades. I haven't watched for a few seasons aside from catching an episode here and there after Grey's, but I'll almost certainly tune in for the finale just to see how it all ends.
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  9. They're doing an after-show on Kimmel.

    Following the finale episode, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” will celebrate the beloved series with an epic “Scandal” after-show. Host Jimmy Kimmel will be joined by Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Joshua Malina, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, Joe Morton, Cornelius Smith Jr. and George Newbern, with a special musical performance by Chaka Kahn.
  10. Feel pretty flat after the penultimate episode. I know some might say that S6 was over the top but I genuinely loved it. This season has not delivered.
  11. Yeah, this is definitely the worst season of the show for me. I think my ranking would go something like


    I could be wrong because I genuinely don't remember anything about season 3.

    Edit: I just have to say, I know everyone hates the kidnapping storyline but I really enjoyed both that episode and most of the arc surrounding it which is why season 4 is a bit higher on my list.

    Season 5 was a return to form, IMO. One of the best seasons they've done.
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  12. See I enjoyed s3 and really can’t remember much at all about s5!

    My rating would go:
    Season 4 gets elevated mostly because of the female Vice President- I forget her name but she was brilliant.
  13. Honestly Seasons 4-6 all were very middling. There would be a stretch of 7 or so episodes in each where you would convince yourself you wanted to stop watching, followed by a burst of 4 enjoyable episodes that reeled you back in, then an inevitable slump back to mediocrity.

    Season 7 has just been lazy through and through.
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  14. When we stopped getting case-of-the-week stuff, like, entirely, it started to get a bit crap, pivoting on Olivia's rapid-fire speech-of-the-week, or, worse, her father yelling at her, she trying to kill him, then them making up.
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  15. Jesus Christ, Jake is just awful. Why didn’t they kill him off 4 seasons ago??
    This is one show that needed a good cast gutting after season 2!
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  16. Because Shonda loves Scott Foley and there was no way to keep him around on Grey's. And I agree - half the characters have felt useless for years.
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  17. Their biggest mistake was letting the core cast of characters become so unlikeable. Every single damn character is a hypocritical, mass-murder, who has become increasingly two-dimensional which each passing season. Mellie is the only person left to root for, yet her ascension to the Presidency remains ridiculous - it was not earned and not realistic.

    Papa Pope and Jake should have been killed off several years ago.
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  18. Pappa Pope is so hot.
  19. That finale was a... mess. Aside from Papa Pope's speech and the two little girls seeing Olivia's portrait, it was really underwhelming.

    Shonda is being savaged on Twitter.
  20. Season 6 was a return to form, well for me. So my expectation for the final season was positive. I remember the show went downhill after the kidnap/rescue Olivia episodes (which were amazing). Season 1 was annoying for me, but season 2 up to the kidnap episodes were quite a run.

    The finale felt a bit rushed which is weird since they had the entire season to wrap things up. I expected a crazier, more emotional and over the top ending. I'll agree that it was flat. However with Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Scandal (hopefully Agents of Shield and Quantico join them) all ending this season, it feels quite a relief to me that I no longer feel obligated to watch them, especially I haven't enjoying ABC dramas for a while now.
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