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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. The latest episode was amazing. I was glued every single second.
    Papa Pope is one evil bastard. And Fitz is one dumb bastard for calling him in.
  2. Hate everyone fairly equally now.
  3. I become so irritated by delivery of lines in this show now.
  4. Olivia is an out and out moron. So is Fitz, on top of being an absolute cunt.
  5. Uno


    I just started watching this a few weeks ago on Netflix; it was amazing I would come home and go straight to watching it, but now I could be bothered. Once they introduced Jake Ballard it got a little ehh. Not because of him, but things just got repetitive and tiring around that time.

    I just want Olivia and Fitz to be together already, enough with the back and forth -- so tiring. It's still a great show regardless, it was just better before.
  6. They need to get rid of the B613 story and Olivia's dad. That's what's ruining this show.

    Half of the characters need to go including Huck, Quinn, David Rosen and Jake.
  7. Used to be my favourite programme but it's very rapidly losing the plot. Literally.
  8. I think Olivia as First Lady is what we really needed, and they didn`t give that to us. Her mum disappearing and Fitz`s son dying was where things jumped the shark for me.
  9. The show-killing move was when they 'outed' Olivia as Fitz's mistress at the end of season two. That either should have been the titular, series finale scandal, or there should have been something else obviously brewing in the background. Without that ticking timebomb the show feels completely at sea, flailing from one plot line to the next and desperately trying to squeeze in scenes for the Argos catalogue of awful characters that can still describe themselves as series regulars.

    Bellamy Young is literally the only reason I'm still watching, and she deserves better.
  10. I've decided that I actually find Huck more insufferable that Cyrus now.

    And I'm starting to find the show unintentionally hilarious.
  11. Er, so this is back and more ridiculous than ever.

    On to episode 11....
  12. They have no shame in using kidnapping and beheading scenario exactly right now.
  13. To be fair, these episodes were written and filmed months ago and the story shares little else in common with real life events.
  14. I love Quinn and Huck. Abby used to be good but I can't stand her frivolous jealousy with Olivia.
  15. This programme has jumped so many sharks it should be on exhibit at Sea World.
  16. Huck is literally the worst actor I've ever seen.
  17. He is beyond terrible.
  18. That wide eyed look he does all the time pisses me off so much.
  19. I am not sure how I just made it through an entire episode centered around Cyrus.
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  20. Cyrus should have been killed off when his husband was. Has there ever been a less likeable couple on TV?
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