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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. So this isn't coming back until 2017 due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy. I wonder if the gap will destroy the ratings even further, after they already halved this season.

    I'm just so over this, even the Presidential Race which was fun for an episode or two has had so many jump the shark moments that it's just hard to comprehend what the writers were thinking. The only vaguely interesting storyline left for me is Tom and Cyrus - just because his character is still relatively unexplored.
  2. Is this still on???
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  3. I was really hoping there was going to be a bomb at the rally to take out Fitz, Jake and Huck.
  4. The show is almost unwatchable now.

    Jake is literally the most propped up character I've ever seen. Shonda will find any reason for him to be in an episode (including just eating chicken at the dinner table). Now he's Mellie's "pick" for VP so we know he will be on the show to its bitter end.

    I feel bad for Washington and Goldwyn. They still have amazing chemistry but the writing for them is awful.
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  5. How the hell did Jake become VP candidate? This show threw logic and sense out of window.
  6. Especially given it came straight after a montage of "we can't choose him as our VP! He dealt drugs once! we can't choose him as our VP - he was involved in a crooked property deal"... so they chose the mass murderer instead?
  7. Just finished Season 5- I was lead to believe that this was one of the best shows going. With seasons 1-3 I literally couldn't stop watching (deciding to overlook the repetitive bullshit) but from Season 4 it just got silly. I'm hoping it will improve come Season 6 as it was once a brilliant show.
  8. It's time to give up.
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  9. I really can't bring myself to give it a chance for remepdtion. I'll wait until people start praising new season.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure I'll bother catching up unless I hear good things. Loved seasons 1-3. Season 4 was OK, but I found myself watching it out of dedication as opposed to actually enjoying it. Got about four episodes into season 5 and just never finished it. Lost all interest.

    Huck is by far the worst character ever to exist on television.
  11. Huck is the WORST. How is he not dead yet. His moany scrunched up face drilling people's kneecaps and whatnot...gross.

    All I want is Olivia sexing it up left right and center and shutting things down/considering things handled.
  12. People still watch this dreck?
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  13. Yes! My white hat is still on! I hope Mellie wins!
  14. Is anyone watching the new ABC show Notorious (which is filling in for Scandal until it returns)?

    OK, it's not perfect and it's a Scandal knock-off but it is entertaining and it seems to be more Scandal than the actual Scandal. It's sexy and the leads are great (Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata, plus Ryan Guzman). Perabo's character is a rip-off of Olivia Pope but she's more like Olivia of the first two seasons than the character assassination we've gotten the last few seasons.
  15. I can't stand that show, so I just skipped it after seeing the pilot episode. Anyway I heard from some site that season seven will be the last season.
  16. It's just speculation based on the fact that actors can only be contracted for a maximum of 7 years and Shonda has said that the show has a shelf life unlike Grey's, so season 7 would be a logical time to draw things to a close. It could still end up coming back for another season like Desperate Housewives did.
  17. That classic Sally Langston moment popped into my head earlier and I'm screaming just thinking about it. "Yum yum crispy piggy yum yum!"
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  18. I don't know why I watch this still. Everyone is awful and pretty much all the major cast have murdered someone.
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  19. They should definitely end this. The first few seasons were great but now it's just people hating each other to the point they want each other to die then an episode later deciding they like each other enough to share a bottle of wine with, on loop.
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  20. I'm definitely watching out of stockholm syndrome. I do think there were some glimmers of hope this season - the centric episodes on Papa Pope and Huck locked in the car were pretty gripping.

    The issue, like everyone has said, is that all the characters are utterly irredeemable mass-murderers and the dialogue/relationships are tedious and repetitive.

    It's interesting that Shonda once said "this is not a show that will run for 8 or 10 seasons, it has a definitive end point", because theoretically that means next year should be the last.
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