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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Just discovered that their album 24 Hrs is on iTunes. Any other fans of No Memory here? What a tune! Reminds me of being a teenager and it's surely one of the biggest pop injustices of all that it stalled at 24. It screams number one record to me. On first listen the album's good, kind of reminds me of Big Bang! by Fuzzbox, with Plug Me In (To The Central Love Line) being the other immediate stand out track.

    I also adore the Stock & Aitken produced Show Me No Mercy which they released as Kahal & Kahal.

    Such a shame they never made it big but hearing it again is a nice trip down memory lane.
  2. I had trouble getting past the Swans Way thing at the time; I loved that band and at first I saw Scarlet Fantastic as a plastic Sisters Of Mercy (especially as the latter returned with the awesome This Corrosion the very same month). Which was missing the point, I'm sure, but there you go!

  3. Great band. Great album. I saw them on tour at the time and had the pleasure of meeting Maggie about 18 months ago. She sang No Memory flawlessly and still looks as beautiful and statuesque as ever. A lovely lady.
  4. I adore Maggie's voice. 24Hrs is a wonderful pop album and it's one I never tire of. It's peculiar that 'Plug Me In' was never on the album.

    After 'Plug Me In' they released weird choices of singles and I don't think that helped them. I think 'Filmstar Kiss' is one of the worst on the album yet it was a single and 'Stay' was not a good choice for a 4th single!' Follow That Star' or 'Silver Bullet' would have made much better choices for singles.... they were a bit more uplifting and radio friendly

    Eric you made me laugh with your fake Sisters of Mercy comment......I never saw any similarity myself.Your right though 'This Corrosion' was a great song although fans of the earlier Sisters were a bit snooty about it in the beginning..... to commercial!

    To be honest I have liked most of Maggie's work particularly with Scarlet Fantastic and Swans Way.

    I know I have harped on about it in other threads but I love Maggie's album 'Club Silencio' which she did with the Mighty K...... great album to chill out to of an evening, It's available on itunes.

    I have been checking to see if the material she has recorded with Martin Watkins is ever going to be released but there is no sign of that happening yet. Therereally are some superb songs ......check out the Maggie and Martin myspace !
  5. No Memory sounds better to me now, free of the '87 baggage I loaded it with haha. I've even got the album on vinyl somewhere. Funny thing is I always remember the band's name spraypainted on the Westway roundabout in London when the single had barely been out a matter of weeks. Loyalty eh. Or a bit of PR....

  6. I love No memory - the 12" especially... I have 3 CD singles (there were 4 I think?) and the album on CD. Much cherished, if not totally consistant. Strange band for the period... I ALSO associate them with Sisters Of Mecy but this is probably do to 'The Hits Album 7' having No Memory and This Corrossion on back to back.... and the fright-wig hair of Maggie/Patricia... and the fact they were a 'duo' (although Sisters Of Mercy weren't - they were just marketed that way for a time, a bit like Shakespear's Sister).
  7. I'm glad I wasn't the only one! All those things must have played a part as well.

  8. He he I still do not see it myself. Scarlet Fantastic were much poppier and had a more glamourous look , The Sisters were darker and had a much heavier bass sound. I'm afraid I was one of those people who at the time complained about The Sisters more commercial sound....... but I grew to love them. Patrica certainly added to the Sisters 'new' image ..... She's been my avatar for about a week now. there is a nice little interview with her from a couple of years ago on youtube..... she is so sexy.
  9. [​IMG]


    They're hardly totally unalike! And also, I used to associate Scarlet Fantastic with VIcious Pink...


    Just to confuse things...
  10. Well they are all duo's I'll give you that! But can you honestly play Floodland and 24hrs back to back and say they are similar? I also think that the 24hrs album cover makes Maggie look very different from how she actually looked with her natural fly away frizzy curls!

    Both great bands though.

    Still no bloody news on a Vicious Pink Compilation...... I am getting rather fed up of waiting

    Love this Top Of The Pops clip of Swans Way!
  11. Am LOVING Show Me No Mercy - thanks to whoever pointed this little gem out!
  12. Better upload of the 'No Memory' video than previously available on YouTube:

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