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Scary Shit That Happened To You...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PantoponRose, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. ...or you friends/co-workers/family. Like eerie encounters with possible paranormal entities or sinister figures in the night or shifty-eyed hitch hikers on lonely stretches of road or people with back hair and side boobs getting undressed near you in the swimming pool changing room or - okay, I'll stop now.

    Just post any spine tingling, creepy, unexplainable and/or disturbing encounters you've had. And they MUST be scary.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh, scary like that... there I was preparing to tell all my mug an drug stories..
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  3. There's an old thread for this somewhere that went on forever.

    However, I shall recycle the two eerie things I've witnessed:

    - On the beach with my man-toy years ago, planning to be dirty at twilight, we paused as a figure walked down the beach by the shore and waited for her to go. Then she just walked into the sea until she disappeared. In complete silence. We had the coast guard and the police out but they didn't find anything before we wrere dismissed. So, so freaky.

    - My niece's room at my sister's house has 'a presence' in it. Their dog barks at nothing and when in there, you sometimes get the feeling of not being alone, like there's something there in your peripheral vision. Said niece has, before, just burst into tears for no reason when playing perfectly contently.
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  4. Okay hud, please stop now.
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  5. My friends and I used to go looking for doggers in the woods. Sometimes it was funny, other times we were just looking for a quick thrill and to see if anyone was actually having sex. This one time, we were in my friends car, just hanging around, parked next to this woods / cemetery, and this Impreza suddenly roared it's lights on and started driving towards us, and we took off like mad.

    This isn't as good a story as the time I go trapped in a lift when I was 4 and thought I was going to plunge straight through to hell and die, but I don't think that's really what you're looking for.
  6. RJF


    There's an abandoned house near where I stay, and you can hear classical music playing from it faintly at night now and again. I initially thought this was bullshit (Like these things nearly always are.), but I was walking home from a friend's one night and heard it.
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  7. Hudweiser's first story sent a shiver up my spine.

    As much as I love eerie stories I have to say I'm a skeptic, although this happened to me in November 2010. I was driving back to my house with my dad around 11pm. It was a freezing, freezing cold night - snow on the ground which looked stunning under the moon. To get to mine we had to go over the moors which are always quite empty. About two miles outside town we passed this guy walking alongside the road who we assumed was a farmer and we slowed right down so we didn't hit him and I got a good look. He was mostly in brown and black and had what looked like a hat on, and a sheep skin scarf.

    But I dunno, something didn't feel right about it. The way he looked, and that he was miles from anywhere in the dark and snow, and the way he didn't seem to acknowledge that we'd slowed down and I was staring at him. We really should have stopped but afterwards my dad said he felt uneasy too. He probably was just a farmer and we wouldn't have batted an eyelid during the day, but it felt eerie.

    I found out the next year that a spitfire crashed nearby in World War 2 and that five had died which allowed my imagination to run wild.
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  8. Not a ghost story, but one time I was in a train going from the city of Paris to Charles de Gaulle to catch my flight back home. It was night time.

    I was sitting by my lonesome. All the way, on the other side there were a few Parisian teenagers that were hanging out. My side of the train was empty except for an older man sitting across from me.

    This man had his eyes transfixed on me, it was like a cold, serial killer gaze. Completely unwavering. I tried not to look, so I just gazed out my window. To my horror, he was now looking at me straight through the reflection of the glass... and when our eyes met, it felt like ice was shot through my veins.

    It got worse... His hand had moved to his pants, and he started to make a ferocious movement...Still looking at me... That's when I had enough, I moved to the side of the train with all the passengers, and waited for the next stop to move into the next car. Luckily I never saw him again.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Nothing tops the moment my father put a ring on this Maybelline-wearing alligator that roams the halls of our home.
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  10. My dog was going mental, barking and growling at the back door earlier, so now I'm all paranoid and nervous. I should not have read this topic!
  11. Here's one. In my childhood, one of the houses I lived in clearly had a presence. Randomly, for three nights straight, I was woken up because my bed was shaking. At the time I thought it was because there were earthquakes happening. When I thought back to it, I remembered that I looked around and nothing else in the room was shaking, but I just rationalized as a 10/11 year old it was an earthquake. The thing that really freaks me out it now, is that I realized that the shaking was coming from the end of the bed. As if someone where standing there pushing downward roughly, but no one was there.
  12. I love this thread, what a great idea. I'm not surprised that hudweiser has the scariest story! That is so creepy, I would have been freaking out (although I'm slightly jealous and would love to experience that?!).

    When I was going through a stressful period in 2009 I would get really bad night terrors. I'd be dreaming that I was out of my body watching myself sleep or I'd be dreaming that I was lavitating and throwing myself across the room. I'd wake up not being able to breath like I'd been suffocated. It really didn't feel like a dream and it happened when I moved to a small room upstairs with a low ceiling in my third year of University. I'd always wake up thinking of the devil, even though I don't believe or ever think about the devil.
  13. I'm not going to sleep tonight.
  14. I love these kind of stories. Keep them coming.

    I can't think of anything to contribute, unless I've surpressed it, besides seeing the ghost of a child in my bedroom and hearing their sigh. It wasn't really scary though.
  15. My Mother woke up in the middle of the night, to see an elderly lady with white hair standing at the foot of the bed, smiling. She looked like her great-grandmother, whom she had never met, only seen in photographs. She frantically turned to my Dad and woke up him, but by the time he came around, the 'ghost' had gone.

    Two days later, my Mum's grandma died.
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  16. I had a nightmare whilst sleeping on a bunk bed and the dream was about a little boy waking me and telling me to get out of bed quick and then I heard jump... jump... jump and then next thing (this is real life now)... I knew I was on the floor with blood gashing out of my big toe... I had broken it. Yeah, that was a really scary moment for me and the dream really freaked me out for a long time, luckily my toe healed pretty quickly.
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  17. Oh my god that is dead scary!!!

    This one time when I was on holiday in Magaluf I was just in the shower and then the light started flickering on and off which was dead weird and I get a bit scared of the dark and then it just went off for a few seconds and when it come back on there was a snake in the bath at my feet!! Never been so terrified!!
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  18. I'm not particularly superstitious but things like this freak me out. I can't think of many scary things that have happened to me apart from getting ready for bed one night and I'm sure I heard someone let out a deep breath right behind me but I was alone in the room. I probably imagined it, or it was just me breathing.
  19. I was told by Gypsy Codona (she who taught me how to use the tarot) that I was constantly followed by three spirits; a child with no eyes, an old Indian with a massive feather head dress, and a young woman in a black Victorian ball gown called Amaralis who might or might not be the mother of the eyeless child. She told me everywhere I went they went with me. One night I had a dream that Amaralis was trying to take over my body, she forced her entire arm down my throat to choke me...and I woke up breathless and coughing. She freaked me out so much that I've often thought of them drifting around me. Although I've never actually felt a presence near me, they're probably too scared to do anything in case they annoy me.

    The other was a strange and inexplicable moment of apparent psychokinesis when an ashtray on a table in front of me just broke in half. It wasn't a dramatic moment, it just happened quietly. The only reason it freaked me out was because I watched it happen with my own eyes. I've never been able to work out what happened and how the ashtray broke. I know there must be a rational explanation but I still haven't figured it out to this day.

    My mother swears this next one is true. She awoke late one night to see her father sitting at the end of her bed. He was talking to her but no sound was coming from his mouth. She told him he was scaring her, but she still couldn't hear his words which seemed to be rather insistent. The very next day she received a phone call from her mum (my gran) telling her he'd passed away in the middle of the night.

    Another was one time my little brother awoke screaming in the dead of night. His words were unsually creepy, the way he shouted them: "The little people want me, they're coming for me, the little people want to take me away." Ugh, it freaked me out so I slapped him three times and told him to shut up. We were extremely young at the time, and I thought that was how one dealt with panic stricken people.

    Sleep well tonight, folks!
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  20. Nothing scary has ever happened to me, I feel like I'm missing out.

    But then again it takes a lot to scare me.
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