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Scary Shit That Happened To You...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PantoponRose, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I think things like this happen because we all have the ability to be psychic or have psychic abilities, but we aren't "awake" to them?
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  2. Ddd do you actually believe this?
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  3. Yeah, I know it sounds far-fetched.

    I'm totally that weirdo.
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  4. My friend has a theory that it's because the human experience of 'time' isn't necessarily how time works, and that when I - or anyone - has these bizarre flashes it's like skipping forward on a DVD to content you haven't yet reached. I asked if he was suggesting everything is pre-destined and he said no, and reiterated that time might not be the line we believe it to be.

    Intriguing concept, I thought, not sure if I buy into it, but I think it'd be arrogant to assume how we see the world around us is 100% how it is.
  5. I believe that too. There are things I have known/known would happen when there was absolutely no way I could have been aware of them in advance.
  6. This makes sense actually. Sometimes when you play a song it sounds a tiny bit slower/faster, even though the length of the track remains the same.
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  7. I guess it's like when people say 'time flies when you're having fun' but a boring movie, long haul flight, or a Sam Smith song can feel like forever.

    You could time these things with a stopwatch and see that nothing was actually any longer than quoted, but our perception of that time definitely seems to be altered in some way.
  8. Sam


    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey
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  9. But we pretty much know how time works? It's hardly a mystery. And changing perception of time =/= changing time. You can slow it down and you can speed it up but it doesn't loop back on itself or pop back and forth in bits and pieces.

    As for psychic abilities, confirmation bias is a powerful thing.

    I'm sorry.
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  10. Last night while I was driving home, my radio frequency broke (DURING NEW RULES!!!) and a muffled Pennywise-sounding voice kept cutting in and out. Caught blips about what sounded like millennials... and greed... something about children, and then "and they AAAAAALLL *FLOAT* down!" I can't stop thinking about it. Iconic radio pirate somewhere.
  11. rdp


    I love Arrival (2016, dir. Denis Villeneuve).
  12. I won't argue that as I'm not even sure of my own view on mindfuck metaphysics, but his outlook was that time is mental construct made to make sense of movement, so the 'agreed' human perspective of time is that it's linear because it's the easiest way for us to understand it.

    Like @Sam de Jour said, wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
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  13. Not really a paranormal story, but I once nearly died during a routine surgery to get my tonsils out, bleeding into my lungs and other lovely things like that.
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  14. I read something a while ago that music seems faster when you're really tired (it was based on a 'study', not mere speculation).

    Our perception of time obviously varies, e.g. when you're having fun, the time flies; but when you're waiting for something, it seems to take forever. Sometimes I feel like it was only yesterday that I was 9; then at other times, 2005 feels like it was ages ago.

    The years seem to pass more quickly the older you get. This year has maybe felt like 6 months to me, tops. But when I was a kid, a year seemed like a long time.
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  15. This diagram sums it up quite perfectly:


    And it only accelerates!!
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  16. Yikes.

    I had a stroke 11 years ago, in my 20s, which is probably the scariest thing that has happened to me. It caused a seizure and I lost consciousness for about 90 seconds. Just before I passed out, my ears popped and then it went black/blank, like an old tube TV being switched off where the picture quickly fades to nothing in the centre of the screen. Then... nothing.

    When I came around, I had no idea of how much time had passed. I remember being a bit surprised I was still 'here', and I have to say, after that experience, I'm less afraid of dying. I didn't see a 'white tunnel of light' or anything like that, and am still an atheist.
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  17. I spent a night at some guy's house years ago and he told me it was haunted, that a ghost knocks on the wall sometimes. I was like "yeah, bullshit mate" (he knew I was into horror movies so I thought he was trying to impress me).

    Lo and behold, in the middle of the night, I wake up to hear this really loud banging. I fucking FROZE. Proper blood-runs-cold terror.

    However, turned out it was his drunk sister knocking on the door looking to kip on the sofa for the night.
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  18. I've noticed recently that songs sound faster when I'm exhausted, and slower when I'm feeling pumped up. I'm pretty sure it's just the brain struggling to keep up/jumping ahead too much with processing the sound.

    Also, gotta love how I'm replying to this post almost a year after first liking it.
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  19. I got a voicemail without my phone actually ringing or any trace of a number having called me a few evenings ago. Not too weird, assumed it was my signal being shitty.

    I listened to the voicemail, it was clearly a pocket-dial but listened anyway. I’ll put this in spoiler tags as it’s kinda long.

    It sounded like someone speaking Spanish at first which I thought was odd, then it changed to French (I live in Paris) but it was fairly incomprehensible, then I heard English and a male voice shout “YES!” in celebration as if he was watching football, followed by another softer male voice say “Good boy, go on... well done!” followed by a man coughing loudly into the speaker. I assumed my Dad (who coughs like the one in the voicemail) was at my sister’s house watching a match with my brother in law and they were looking after my nephew (who’s 18 months) and he had somehow got my Dad’s phone to call me. The male voice sounded much like my brother in law talking to my nephew, but I couldn’t explain the French or Spanish that I heard...

    Even odder was that my voicemail said the number was a random French number (like a cold call or a scam).

    After listening to the voicemail, I messaged my family WhatsApp group to ask if anyone had tried ringing me or even if my nephew had accidentally rang me. I didn’t give any specifics of the voicemail other than I had just got one. My brother in law checked that my nephew didn’t have a phone near him and checked call logs and he hadn’t dialled anyone, nevermind me. My Dad piped up and said it wasn’t him as he was watching football on the TV alone at home with his phone in another room.

    My sisters later wrote back to say that they hadn’t called me as they were both with a medium. We later worked out that one of my sisters was with the medium exactly when I had received the voicemail. I’m a bit of a sceptic but interested to hear what mediums say, it turns out she actually mentioned me to this sister and something that had happened to me recently that she had no idea about.

    This very same medium was at our house several years ago and a few of my sisters’ friends were over to see her too, and they for some reason chose my room as the best place to let her do her thing away from the others. While one of my sisters was in my bedroom with the medium getting her reading, the TV in the living room suddenly went all static even though the remotes were on the table and everyone looked at each other like “WTF? Who did that?”

    Like I said, I'm fairly sceptical and of the situation in general, but I’m slightly weirded out. I’ve reasoned it as “just a big coincidence” or that “I’m hearing things that aren’t there in the voicemail” but I’ve played it for a few people and they’ve all said they hear exactly what I’ve heard (without me saying beforehand).
  20. This is super hard to explain, but basically I can trick myself into falling into this strange, trance-like state. It's like I know I'm not asleep because my eyes are open and I can feel and see my surroundings, but I feel so trapped in the trance that the idea of moving even slightly is physically impossible. Anyway, sometimes I can really scare myself by spending too long in that state, or thinking about the wrong thing while I'm in it and getting a freaky vision. It's so bizarre. It's like reaching a place where the conscious and sub-conisous meet, it's like I'm not in the world of the awake or the world of sleep, it's just a lingering thing. I can usally shake myself out of it, but sometimes I just like to take myself away to that weird place. Maybe everyone can do this and just nobody ever talks about it.
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