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Scary Shit That Happened To You...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PantoponRose, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I experience the exact same thing. What's all that about ?
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  2. Erm general anxiety? I have this dream and like 900 variations almost every week. I'm in my car and the car doesn't start. I need to send an email and my phone doesn't work, I run to not miss an appointment and I somehow run super slow etc. Issa gay struggle.
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  3. Back in October I was in London to see Rina (stream Cherry) and going home I had to take a bus because my sister lives in Streatham Freaking Common and there were no trains.

    I get off the bus and Citymapper tells me to cross this huge park in the dark. I’m wary, but I trust the app so in I go.

    While I was nearing the middle of it, I started hearing some sort of chanting (they just said mere mere mere mere mere or something like that) and then this guy started screaming WE AWAIT FOR YOUR BODY!! WE AWAIT FOR YOUR POWER!! and so on.

    I was knackered from walking and standing up nonstoo for 7 or 8 hours (meet and greet and so on) so I really couldn’t run. So I just put my phone on silence, put it in my pocket and continued walking.

    I could hear the “main guy” screaming closer and closer and closer and I could see him through the corner of my eye and I thought “Welp, a sacrifice is an iconic way to die”, but right before he got to me, he turned away and kept screaming into the dark.

    I crossed the park, got to my sisters, told her the crap that was happening in the neighbourhood and never stayed at hers again!
  4. I’m never going near Streatham Common again after that! My friend lives on Lewin Rd, right by it- she can come to me next time...
  5. This sort of thing has happened to me a couple of times, which I’ve just sort of accepted and never really looked into. I remember on holiday in Crete- my first night there, I ordered a drink and accidentally touched the local bar maid’s hand. The second I did I just knew this woman’s whole life story, including the fact that she’d sang Like a Prayer at her sister’s wedding! Never met the woman before in my life.
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  6. Maybe it's just the delayed/unprocessed trauma of undertaking exams, and the pressure we put ourselves under?

    I always felt like I was going to inevitably 'fail' something at uni, though I never got lower than 70% for any subject. Maybe it stems from not feeling I did as well as I could have in high school - I only just did well enough to get into the degree I wanted to do.

    I also wasn't very organised as a student. After the first year of my degree, I started every essay I had to write from scratch the night before it was due, having to pull an all-night stint several times. I also often left studying for exams to the night or a couple of days beforehand, too.

    My studying habits were similar at school, even going back to when I was 10-11 years old and reading most of a book I had to write a book report on the day before it was due.
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  7. I don't think I've posted this in thread thread before (I couldn't find it when I searched for 'blackout', anyway),. but when I was 10, I was home alone one night (this was 1989, so it was a different time, OK) for about an hour, while my dad and sister went to pick my mum up from work (we had one car at the time, and she worked late one night a week), around 7pm, in the middle of winter, so it was dark.

    I was watching TV in the lounge room. Then suddenly, the lamp beside the TV and the streetlights went out... but the TV kept going. I looked outside and it was pitch black everywhere in the street, the neighbours' houselights were all out. But the TV was still working. For about 10 minutes, anyway, before it started to make a weird sound, and then it too went out.

    I know now that it can be explained by different circuits, but even so... it felt really creepy. Almost like a 'they're here' moment:


  8. It was Youtube, revealing your calling.
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  9. I was watching a music video program when it happened!
  10. Rage impacT.
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  11. It was actually Countdown Revolution.

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  12. 10 years ago, I got home to find that my kitchen window had been smashed. Weird, considering I lived on the 2nd floor (basically the attic) of a converted Victorian house. The window was not easily accessible to throw a brick at.

    A week later, I got home to find that my flat had been broken into - my laptop, Nintendo DS and a few other bits taken. The main entrance had been damaged and the door to my flat had been broken in half... vertically. Again, weird.

    Both times the police came around, took statements and dusted for fingerprints...
    but were generally like 'yes, it happens - not much we can do though' - sigh.

    My landlord was unable to get the door fixed that weekend, so gave me a plank of wood to wedge the door shut and I couldn't leave the flat all weekend.

    On the Sunday evening, whilst reading Breaking Dawn, I could hear the dodgy door rattling. Thinking nothing of it, I went to have a look to see if the plank of wood had slipped somehow. Nope, it was 2 guys trying to force their way into the flat. When they saw me they tried to barge their way in. I was in a small space behind the door when it was open. You would have to close the door again to get to me, but I managed to fight and keep the door open and used it as a barrier. One of the guys was trying to jab a knife around the door at me. I was shouting for help, hoping that one of my neighbours might call the police. Nope. They ignored the noise and the obvious sounds of distress. Whilst I was shouting one of the guys told me to shut up otherwise they'd shoot me through the door. I didn't shut up... I was surprisingly brave. Adrenaline I guess.

    They gave up when I kept shouting and banging. I called the police and they showed up within 30 seconds of me calling them. They were attending a domestic on my road apparently. Once of the officers was called PC Peachy. She was really nice. My aunt came around whilst I was giving my statement. She was looking out the window and said 'isn't it weird, you look at the kids outside and wonder if it's them' - I had a look and IT WAS THEM. The two guys were outside watching it unfold. This made it easier to give more details about their description for the statement. PC Peachy had a look and said about one of the guys: 'I thought it might be him, he lives next door and he's kind of a psycho.'

    Turned out my neighbour was schizophrenic and had 'suspicions' about me. He plead guilty and was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order. PC Peachy said I'd have to do an ID parade thing. I had a sleepless night about this, but it turns out that you just watch a video of various guys now and then pick out the one you definitely recognise. You can't say something like 'I think' or 'it's possibly this guy' - you have to make your choice confidently for it to count.

    They were unable to get the other guy. However, about 5 months later the police called to say that they found my wallet on some guy they did a stop and search on. All my cards were still in the wallet. Again, weird. They charged the guy they found the wallet on, but I never heard anything further about what happened to him.

    I guess most shocking to me is that I didn't have any kind of PTSD afterwards. I was obviously a bit more cautious with locking doors and stuff, but I didn't get flashbacks or anything. I didn't get hurt and if they wanted to they really could have so I guess that's probably why.
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  13. This thread is amazing.

    I remember once thinking that this old church in Motherwell called Calvary was some sort of vampire hangout and that they’d converted my mum and dad with white chocolate. Ridiculous, but I was 4 or 5 years old after all.

    But do you know what’s really scary?

    Discovering what the Ann Summers parties that your mum hosts are! But at least there always a healthy flow of pringles when everybody fucked off.
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  15. I didn't like the film so much the first time I saw it weirdly - it took a couple re-spins for me to appreciate it properly.
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  16. Every now and again I house sit for some friends in Highams Park in north east London. It’s a gorgeous big house and I relish the chance to stay somewhere on my own for a month or so (I house share), although I’ve never felt totally at ease there. That is weird in itself as I’m usually happy being on my own and I don’t really scare easily. But I’ve often felt on edge in certain rooms and unless I close the door to the lounge, I cannot relax and keep feeling I need to turn around. I’ve always agreed to housesit, in spite of this, as my boyfriend often stays with me, they pay me, plus it’s nice to have a break from my housemates.

    The other day I mentioned these weird feelings to my boyfriend, as they’ve asked me to housesit in September. He told me that not only had he noticed it too, but last time we were there he’d seen a figure moving about on the landing whilst I was asleep. He never told me as I had another week left and wouldn’t have been paid if I’d bailed before they got home.
  17. have been plagued by nightmares, night terrors and especially shadow men my entire life.

    It actually caused me to seek professional help on two occasions.

    Worst was when one (hat man) stood over me and whispered into my face from about one inch away. "Hush, hush little puppet. You are a puppet on a string."

    I woke up sweating with heart palpitations and gasping for breath. When I calmed down I googled "hush little puppet. And puppet on a string"

    I had no idea Elvis Presley had a song called "puppet on a string". Don't know if it was a common song back in the day. Anyway I found out that the song itself was sung in the tune of "hush little baby"...which creeped me out and fucked me up for a week or so. The lyrics .....are even worse

    Every time you look at me
    I'm as helpless as can be
    I become a puppet on a string
    You can do 'most anything to me
    All you do is touch my hand
    And your wish is my command
    I become a puppet on a string
    You can do 'most anything to me
    If you really love me
    Darling please be kind
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  18. I’m glad I don’t have a story close to being as scary as some of you others. But last week I had a strange encounter. Me and a friend had been swimming at a lake and where heading back home again. As we were about to walk out on to the main road from the small forest trail we saw a man standing by a garbage bin with the back turned against us. He looked like he had just gotten out of the water as he was dripping wet and just wearing his swimming trunks. He was reaching into the bin with a large stick and I figured he was just looking for some PET bottles to recycle (you get money for recycling them in Sweden). We passed him letting him mind his own business and we continued our conversation without looking at him. Then just as we had passed him and were a short distance away from him he made a really strange sound that didn’t sound human. We turned around and there he was standing staring at us with an empty stare and the stick in his hand. We probably should have freaked out but we just gave each other a confused look and continued walking. I didn’t really think about how freaky it was until I got home.

    Note to self: don’t take that evening swim you had planned on taking alone in that lake.
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  19. Physical shudder.

    This is exactly what it's like in my niece's room at my sister's house. Just that weird feeling that you're not alone in the room even when you are.
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  20. Now this was chilling. Reminded me of an encounter I had at my old place with a cut up woman looking entity.
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