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Scary Shit That Happened To You...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PantoponRose, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. New favorite thread! I don't think anything scary like this ever happened to me, either.
    If something like this ever happened to me I'd become seriously traumatized or something, because I'm very supersticious.
    I do believe in spirits, ghosts and the like, both good and evil, although I'm not a religious person, I wouldn't exactly call myself an atheist, I just don't believe in institutionalized religion.
  2. This happened to the roommate of a friend of mine at her American college dorm:

    She was unwell, burning up, and decided in the middle of the night to take a shower to cool off. The dorms had big open showers like school changing rooms, no cubicles. It was about 3am and everyone was asleep, so she kept as quiet as she could. Halfway through the shower she thought someone else was in there with her and a moment later, a hand touched her shoulder. Rather than shriek, she froze and the hand withdrew a couple of seconds later. Nothing was said. She didn't turn around and was found on the floor of the shower, water still running over her, about 4 hours later when everyone started to get up. Poor girl was beyond petrified and would never go to the showers alone afterwards.
  3. I'm enjoying reading these, but things like these have never happened to me because I'm rational. Maybe too rational. I'd kill for a bit more drama*.

    *I understand that killing someone would in itself be a source of drama, but fear not: I'm not using the phrase literally.
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  4. I don't know, the big bad wolf could be scary too.
  5. The house I grew up in is next to my cousins and we were talking over the wall with my sister there as well. We noticed two figures standing at the top of my cousins drive and my cousin asked them if they wanted her dad (he's a mechanic so people often came around for that). They said nothing and we both asked them what did they want and still nothing.

    She said that she would go to the top of the drive if I did so we started walking when the figures just disappeared. I said I was going inside and she agreed and we ran to our houses.

    Looking back on it, I don't know why we were even talking to them because they were clearly not people. I didn't feel in danger at all but I was spooked nonetheless. I tried to logically look at it, that maybe it was some sort of light source but we're from the country so there are no lamp posts and it was a pitch black night but I have no idea.
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  6. Actually, by far the most frightening thing I've experienced is the effects of an accidental overdose of anti-nausea drugs I took this year.

    It's called akathisia, and the feeling of constantly needing to move my legs, the crawling, internally itchy, twitchy feeling stretching from my thighs to my feet and my total inability to sleep despite being exhausted was as close to a living hell as I've ever come. No exaggeration.
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  7. Here's another. I have had a lot. I was alone upstairs at work. I had just walked down the hallway that took me to the opposite side of any entrances. I had my back turned as I grabbed what I needed, then heard a woman call out "Matthew" right behind me. First off, no one ever calls me that it's always Matt. When I turned around no one was there. It sounded like the speaker was right behind me. I went down and asked if anyone was looking for me or had called on the walkie-talkie, they all said no. I refused to go up there for the rest of the day.
  8. SBK


    When I was about 7/8 my mums best friend bought a house that was fairly cheap because the old lady who died there let it get into a bit of a state of disrepair and everything had layers of lead paint and wallpaper on it.
    Anyway one weekend my Mum and her friend were going out and me and my brother stayed in the house with their two daughters. All four of us were sharing a bedroom and on the Sunday morning we were all awoken at the same time by the wardrobe door opening and out walks an old man. It was nearly 20 years ago now and I was half asleep but we all saw an old man (the old ladies husband we assume) in his pijamas holding a news paper, walking out of the wardrobe and out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

    Their first year in that house they'd find the most random things going missing, tv remotes, tv guides, the cordless phone. They'd come home and find the dining room chairs had been moved. He was harmless, but everything going missing was annoying, they'd talk to him and ask for things back, and they'd usually show up.

    They ended up having an exorcism done on the house and they never heard from him again.

    My other one is more recent, when I was at uni, one Xmas I stayed over in the house by myself because I had to work. I came home one night about 22:30, had a shower, went to bed and watched some TV. Few hours later I needed the toilet so went downstairs (bathroom was downstairs off the kitchen) and first, noticed the kitchen light had been switched on (99% sure I turned it off) but what freaked me out was the static noise coming from the shower radio in the bathroom.
    I'd never used it, I think my housemates had used it once maybe for the novelty value. So yeah, no idea how that happened, no one else had been home for days, and its not something that can easily just slip on, it needs to click....
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  9. Once I woke up cause something was tickling me, and I found out there was a cockroach on my leg, so I spazzed out and ran away from my room. This was a few years ago, but it still haunts me. (This isn't nearly as scary as all of your stories, but this is the scariest thing that happened to me)
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    When I was in high school, I woke up with a cockroach dancing on my lips. More like disgusting than scary.
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  11. OH. MY. GOD. If I ever heard static coming from a shower radio late at night I would DIE.
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  12. One day (literally only about 6 months ago) my family and I returned home from town to the french doors of the dining room being wide open. We only open them every now and again and we were all 100% sure that none of us opened them before we left. So then we presumed someone had been in or was still in the house. But we searched high and low and there was nothing. No evidence of a break in of any kind. Nothing was taken either. Later that night though, my cat Coco went to the doors and started meowing. Not the 'let me out' meow, but just... a weird one! I passed no remarks anyway, she is a bit of a weird cat.

    But then a few nights after that at about half 3 in the morning my sister came running into my room and was shaking and saying how she went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and the french doors of the dining room were once again wide open. EEEEK. I went down with her and things got stranger when the tap was left running. She was convinced she turned it off but I kept telling her she probably saw the doors, freaked out and came to me and didn't have time to turn off the tap but then she argued that saying she had had her glass of water and everything before she noticed. So that added to the freak factor.

    I wouldn't say our house is haunted, it's only 6 years old and we've been living in it since it was built. Strange those little incidents, though. Certainly scared me shitless!
  13. When I was 11 (i.e. a while back - I'm 33 now) I went on a primary school weekend trip to London. There were about 40 11 year olds and teachers staying in a hotel - now that I live here I'd love to know where this hotel was. It wasn't a big chain hotel from what I recall and was probably quite dated and old. Anyway, on having arrived there and checked into our rooms we were then told to meet downstairs in the lobby before we went out for dinner. I was with some of my classmates and we were walking down the staircase to the lobby when all of a sudden this battered and bruised woman and little girl of about 5 years old just appeared. The woman looked like she was in 70s clothing - purple flares from what I recall. We didn't see them just apparate Harry Potter style out of nowhere, but they were just suddenly there. They didn't say anything but just looked at us with a sad look. Then one of our group stumbled on the carpet which made us all scream, and when we looked back the woman and child were no longer there. We all screamed some more and ran down to the lobby. I don't know if they were ghosts but it was pretty eerie at the time, being a so young and away from home. Reading that back it doesn't seem so scary!
  14. Oh, and my other eerie story, this time form when I was at university. One night Channel 4 were showing Texas Chainsaw massacre - the original version, and it was its first UK transmission having been banned for years. I was watching it with one of my housemates, just the two of us in the house. We turned the lights off and lit some tea lights to add to the creepy atmosphere. Anyway, a few minutes before the end of the film the tea lights went out and we even commented on it because the smoky smell was quite strong and the room was suddenly much darker. We sat through the whole end credits and then one of the tea lights just suddenly relit itself!! We were freaked out, blew it out, turned the TV off and both ran upstairs to our beds - because when you're freaked out hiding under the duvet is the safest place to be, of course.
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  16. I hate myself for reading this thread on a night when I have work early the next morning. I just want to watch a horror movie and cuddle up now.

    Was it made of glass? Glass can shatter just like that:

    Be glad it just shattered, rather than exploding.
  17. It was a green ashtray and it was made from glass!

    Science explains everything in the end.
  18. There's an article online today about a rooftop restaurant restaurant Coq d'Argent that's had 4 random suicides of successful business folk in the past few years. All cases have been random events of people seemingly enhjoying themselves and then stepping off the edge.

    Turns out the site is built on an old mass grave of affluent London folk! Creeeepy.

    I wouldn't recommend The Daily Mail to my worst enemy, but there's a story on it there.
  19. Rmx


    Funny that you mention it. Last summer, I read the article on one of those suicides in the Evening Standard. It was about an Asian lady who worked in the financial district, she was seen casually sipping her wine at the restaurant, calmly placing her bag on the ridge and then no one saw her again until they realized she had jumped. I read it while on the tube in central London, and while not being in that good a mood, it just made me think about how down people can get that they decide to do something like that. I had to hold back my tears! Awful. And that mass grave think makes it even worse, hah!
  20. I love a scary story, I'm getting shivers here!

    Back when I was about 8/9, we were living in a council house in a fairly rough estate. Well anyway I woke up one night having felt something touch my face, I looked up to the window sill which waas about a foot higher than my bed, directly to the side of me, and a rat was on my window sill. A FUCKING RAT! It must have walked over my face!! It was horrifying!! I went to grab it for some reason ( I was 8, I don't know what I was thinking) and it ran out of my room. Well dad killed it with a broom handle in the kitchen later on. Really affected me for a while!
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