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Scary Shit That Happened To You...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PantoponRose, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Years ago, I used to go to my grans house after primary school until my mum got home from work. Some days we would take a walk out the village along to where some horses were kept to feed them. One time (well, the last time) just as we were about done, I asked my gran what the man was doing watching us by the barn door (I can still vaguely picture him). Well my gran screamed, grabbed my hand and we bolted home. I can't remember the outcome exactly but I know a man was caught not long after that. I still think about that to this day, creepy, and this was in broad daylight.
  2. I often predict deaths. Never really shared it with anyone after I freaked my mom out as a child.

    I saw an extended family member standing in the yard while I was playing by myself. Came inside and told her he was outside. She gave me a weird look and then went to check. Came back in and said "Are you sure?". Within 10 minutes she received a phone call from his daughter that he had died during a basic procedure about 10 minutes before. I was too young to know he was even getting something done and she's told me since then she dreams about that day all the time and it still makes the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

    What I haven't told her is I've had this happen now quite a few times. But I never see the person like that first experience, they'll just randomly pop in my head over and over again and within a few days I hear of their death. It's never someone super close to me but always someone in my peripheral life. And again, it's not like I have a vision of them or even that they're in peril. It's just that they pop up in my consciousness out of nowhere repeatedly. It's probably happened with 8-10 people over the last 25 years.

    I also seem to be pretty sensitive/perceptive to people who are sick. They have a weird smell and look to me. I'll make it a point to tell whoever I'm with "They're not long for this world" or something to that affect, and more times than not we will hear something in the near future about their health.

    I should note the last person I said this about is still kicking 6 months later and I have no idea if she's been diagnosed with anything or not as it's an international work colleague and not a friend, but I still have that inkling when I see her on conference calls and such. So, maybe I'm wrong about her and just believing in my own typhoid Mary hype.
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  3. Why is this more horrifying than the premonitions dd?
  4. Ha! This is probably true but it's a pretty common saying in the south when you see someone looking rough.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I worked in Soho for about 3 years between in the late 90's early 00's. I was walking up Tottenham Court Rd on me todd at about 2/3am with a couple (literally) of drinks in me. All of a sudden I got dragged from behind by the scruff of the neck into a really dark alley. I'm 6'2" and decently set but this guy was feckin huge and crazy AF. He pushed me back with some force and banged the back of my head really hard against the brick wall and sent me dizzy. Then he bundled me into a fire exit which was set back from the main wall and out of sight from anyone who may have been passing by.

    This guy had a beer bottle in his hand and he smashed it against the wall and put the broken end against my jugular and told me to give him all my money and my phone. Neither of which I had. I thought I could feel the glass starting to pierce my skin.
    Everything started to go into slow motion as he aggressively close range barked quietly into my face that he'd kill me if I didn't give him what he wanted. I couldn't really hear my own responses to him as though my own ears were muffled but I know I kept repeating that I didn't have anything and that he could check my pockets. I really wished I had had something to just give him and hope he'd hurry away into the shadows...but I had nothing and after a good while we'd sort of reached a really high scale stalemate...It went on long enough for me to sort of gain my bearings again and after trying to reason with him he just became more infuriated and his levels were going up. The more I tried to calm the situation the more he pushed the bottle into my neck and the lunacy in his eyes got more frenetic.

    It was so surreal and visceral at the same time. I felt insanely mortal. My attempts at talking him down calmly weren't working and there wasn't a lot left to say. I'd tried pouring water on the situation and although I wasn't emotional of frantic I think my calm incensed him more.
    So being the recently graduated acting student I was I decided to Robert Di Nero this shit and turn the
    crazy up a notch...after all...this might be my last performance...I'd better make it good.

    I started thanking him and telling him that he must have been sent to me because I'd been thinking about taking my own life for some time and now he could do it for me and I wouldn't have to. I saw a wave of confusion work across his face and I thought this was starting to work. This only encouraged me more and I went full Meryl and started pushing my head forward into the broken neck of the bottle urging him to do it and that he'd be doing us both a favour. Then I started shouting at him to just fucking do it.
    I could see he started to think I was a crazy cunt and he just sort of backed off threw the glass down and ran off. I think I sort of disabled his power.

    I stayed there sort of frozen for about ten minutes and just felt the adrenalin running through my veins. I wanted to bask in the moment and reconcile myself with what had just happened and how important it was which sounds fucking indulgent, insane and unrealistic. You can't gauge how you will react in these situations but I'm a pretty upbeat person despite of some challenges life has thrown at me and I sort of breathed the moment in. I'd sort of saved myself and really thought on my feet. I would never give that advice to anyone but something about that particular time in my life and where my head was at just all came into sync. London can feel very transient and so could being gay in the early 00's. Only a couple of months before I'd been at work at the Palladium and the Soho Bomb went off. We were down there every night after work and I dunno It gives you some sort of perspective.

    Anyways...after I'd stood there for a while I made my way out of the alley and back on to the street. I kept my eyes open for the guy but largely just walked on as if nothing had happened. I was 100% fine and sound fucked up but I just felt this sense of reset. I was walking up to Ghetto to meet friends I think. Yeah I think it must have been Ghetto.

    I went. I never told them, I had my night out and I just remember feeling every song, every movement of my body, every brief look from a boy, every kind interaction, the heat of the bodys....I was there but I was still in that doorway on my own really...Body and spirit present but my mind was elsewhere. The most curious of emotions.

    I never told anyone about it for a long time, I just made sure my mates weren't walking alone though Soho and I pretty much did the same...but in reality I thought this is very unlikely to happen to me again.
    I don't know why but I never called the Police to warm them or protect anyone else. I wish I had. That someone else may have been hurt stayed with me but I didn't even think of that possibility til a long time later. I was used to seeing elevated drug users under the underpass at centre point regularly..everyday infact. People injecting themselves into their groin or penis as they had no veins left. ( The far side of Tottenham Court Rd Station under Centre Point was feral).

    Anywayssss. This was a lot. Soz peeps. Keep it light keep it light etc. Ultimately at best I sorta tried to spin it as a positive experience I suppose and at the very least it was good training for Sanctuarys forum responses over the last few there's that.
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  7. Nothing actually happened to me, but when I was 4, my mum took me to see a paediatrician for investigations leading to an asthma diagnosis. About 14 years later, I read an article in the local newspaper that his body was found, drowned, a day before he was due to face charges in court over molesting a (female) child (i.e. the implication was that it was a suicide). My mum said that she got a weird vibe from him, but as though he was more interested in her than me.

    It makes you wonder how many potential close calls you had as a child.
  8. This is fucking wild. What an amazing thing to pivot to, and it might have just saved your life.

    I always remember this quote from Derren Brown below which is kind of in a similar vein. Sometimes the best way to diffuse these situations is to confuse the fuck out of these people. They also have a tonne of adrenaline running around their body because they're prepared for a very specific reaction, and if you don't give it to them it turns the whole thing on its head.
  9. Strange how some of the scariest experiences of your life can also be the most character building. The way you handled that and the way you dealt with it afterwards shows how you’re probably very good in a crisis.
    Scary experiences aside, I bet it was amazing working in Soho in the late 90s. I’m gutted I was never able to experience it in 96-98, the 90s pop hey day.

    On a separate note, it’s 25 years to the week that my mum died. I was definitely a mummy’s boy and for a 12 year old to suddenly lose his mum, after losing his dad 6 years earlier, was devastating. One night shortly after her funeral, I was on my own and I suddenly smelt her all around me. I could genuinely feel her in the room for a short time, and it was a very comforting feeling, rather than a sad one. Funnily enough, my stepdad had the exact feeling the very same night.

    I’ve never felt her again but the experience definitely made me fear death less than I used to.
  10. Gosh Ben that's a tough read. I'd take a bottle in an alley over those circumstances any day mate.
  11. Lol, sorry it wasn't meant as a downer! Thanks for your concern though Bradley- bizarrely, the week after I discovered The Immaculate Collection and my obsession started...
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  12. Not scary necessarily but I used to be visited by my grandfather a lot. He died in 2009 and it would happen until like 2 years ago.

    We were close and the whole family was there when he died. My cousin who was barely older than a year threw her baby doll to him when he took his last breath. That night, I couldn’t sleep and watched as they were taking the hospice bed out of the house. I finally got to sleep and had this dream I was watching TV with my grandparents and suddenly gay porn started playing and my grandma was very upset while he was saying it’s ok. I was just about to They begin arguing and my uncle comes in and turns the light off. The lights come back on and he’s having a breathing fit. I wake up but still asleep and it feels very warm and bright. Then I actually wake up, just me in bed.

    Maybe three years later, I’m home alone and couldn’t sleep so I started listening to a meditation playlist my aunt had. I go downstairs to get water and feel that same warmth and heard him talk to me. He said something along the lines that I was doing my best and things would fall into place because my aunt and uncle and I were arguing all the time, I just came out and they hated my boyfriend (turns out they were right- major asshole).

    Then nothing big like that since but I would see his face on many people or hear his big bellowing laugh.
  13. This isn't particularly scary and I do think memory has altered my recollection slightly.

    I grew up in Germany on an Army base, so the houses were old and often used as hospitals during the way. One evening I was on my trampoline with 2 friends, we were about 15 years old and my one friend told me she was quite spiritual and could sense presence quite often. I was sceptical and didn't really believe her at all so kind of brushed it off. She then pointed at the upstairs window 2 doors down from my house and said "yeah there's a ghost there, he's looking right, left, up, and down" my other friend claimed to see it but I for the life of me couldn't.

    About 5 minutes of me obsessively staring at this window with her telling me every direction he was looking in I suddenly saw it. It was like a grey/hollow face and moved almost like it was filmed in slow motion. It was definitely moving in the directions she was saying as well.

    Now I'm still not a massive believer and will always side with science and reason but I swear I saw it. Nothing ever happened like that ever again and I've kind of put it down to seeing what I wanted to see but it still gives me shudders when I think about it.
  14. RJF


    I'm screaming at Miss @push the button method acting her way out of being stabbed. Hope the Academy recognise you this year, sis.
  15. “There can be 99 people in an Alley and it just takes one with a bottle at your neck to believe in you...”
    Something something Bradley & Ally
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  16. A rat ran up my leg a few weeks ago when I was walking the dog.

    I don't think I've ever run so fast in my whole life and it was only later that I realised that I'd actually run across the park screaming and waving my hands in the air like a little girl.

    I do not like rats.
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  17. Not a scary thing by any means, just an unsolved mystery, but a while ago this same truck used to honk at me and some guy with dreads would lean out the window and wave. It happened about half a dozen times over a year and I've never figured out who it was.
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  18. It was the guy from Baby I Love Your Way.
  19. A female shouted out my name at the front of the crowd when I was marching in the Pride Parade last year, and I still have no idea whomst this lady was.
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