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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inevitable, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. I didn't mind them being insufferable in the first few episodes because that was sort of the point. They had to be established as those type of people before any growth could occur and it worked for me.

    The first couple episodes are actually among my favorites. They're so easily rewatchable, almost exclusively due to Moira's meltdowns, but also the sheer ridiculousness of the doors being stolen, the awkward dinner party, etc.
  2. Moira’s first meltdown, panicking over the girls not liking each other, I knew I found heaven.
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  3. I find Chris Elliott unlikable in almost everything so...
  4. I've just finished the last season. I thought it was a bit boring at the beginning. Overall, I think it was a good call to end the show. I would definitely miss Alexis and Stevie though. It's kinda sad that Stevie doesn't really have a love life but in the same time it makes her character more realistic/credible. I'm glad Patrick and David have such a deep and healthy relationship comparing to some toxic/messy gay relationships we can see on other shows. I didn't like the "happy ending" part and the threeway that never happened though

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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I just finished the final season, and I'm underwhelmed. The pacing was way off, it felt like they were racing to tie everything up. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone but Dan Levy does next.
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  7. For anyone who hasn’t watched the final season yet, it’ll be on Netflix next Thursday!
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  8. I just binged the last season. I think they went out on a high. I could have enjoyed not having Davids Wedding as the last main storyline but how else could they have wrapped up. I wanted a glimpse into their future but weren’t their rumours of a movie length special coming?
  9. Don't think so, pretty sure the extended special was the behind the scenes documentary thing.
  10. The last season was finally uploaded to Netflix in the UK this week and, after deciding to try and not rush it to postpone my goodbye to them, I finished the season in two sittings. Whew I was not ready for the emotions over the last few episodes, full on ugly crying. The use of Tina and Mariah in the finale was absolutely perfect, as was Moira (although that's true of all six seasons!)

    I can't see that the feature length documentary is on Netflix UK though, am I being stupid?
  11. Ha ha same.

    The entire season felt like one long episode but it was lovely, charming and emotional. I'll really miss these characters.

    But I think it was the right time to end and I really respect showrunners who know when to end a show and how to end it.

    That being said, I'd love to see a one-off reunion type speical in a few years.
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  12. I’m only on about ten episodes into the first season (late joiner) and you mean to tell me that not only does Roland stick around for all six seasons, he gets even MORE irritating?! I’ve already taken to fast forwarding through any scenes which just involve him and one other character (usually Johnny and usually entail Roland humiliating Johnny in some unenjoyable way).
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  13. Sam


    Just sobbed my way through the last few episodes after struggling through the first half of the season. So many emotions, but such a way to end the show. I’m glad it went out on a high.
  14. I was a bit disappointed that despite the references we never got to see Nicole Kidman, who is known to be a fan of the show. Other than that, no complaints about the final season at all.
  15. Alexis and Twy broke me.
  16. For a show that really built momentum season after season with emotional payoff, the last season was a huge disappointment and the finale was average at best. The most touching scene this season was Twyla and Alexis.
  17. What in God’s name do you have there

    Please tell me it’s not a TESTUDINE
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  18. I watched the documentary after being relatively unmoved by the final series (outside of the Twy and Alexis scene) and I found myself far more emotional with the cast’s response and the scene where Noah read out the letter from the gay parents was very sweet.

    I still don’t enjoy David and Patrick as this groundbreaking beacon of hope for the entire lgbt community and found their relationship almost unpleasant to watch a few times. I’m glad the visibility exists and some people got what they needed from it.

    O’hara deserves a huge boost from this and can’t wait to see Annie in ‘Kevin can Go Fuck Himself’ the singe/multi cam hybrid about the existential crisis of an ‘sitcom wife’. It sounds like an amazing vehicle for her.
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  19. Literally same. I cried at the documentary. The script read somehow was more emotional than the scene itself.
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  20. Okay well the last two episodes and particularly the Mariah moment absolutely took me out.

    I made my boyfriend watch seasons 1-5 before starting the final season together, and he adored it but also concluded that I’m actually David which is both hilarious and horrifying in equal measure.
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