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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 11652, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Dustin Mulligan ("Ted") is so damn hot!
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  2. I'm guessing after the series is finished airing. I think the US gets each episode a day later because the CBC gets first dibs. It's 14 episodes this year.
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  3. “Everybody’s got a horse, vroom vroom bitches” Charli is shaking. Alexis is the new queen of pop!
  4. Has anyone else realized that Daniel Levy can’t act and just makes faces
  5. Yes but we enjoy it anyways.
  6. Her audition + Moira and Jocelyn's reaction killed me!
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  7. I love them so much.
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  8. It’s been renewed but the next season will be the last. There really aren’t enough sad smilies.
  9. I do like it when producers realize they shouldn't beat a dead horse with these shows and should go out on top.
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  10. I'm gutted it's coming to an end but I'm also glad that it's going out on a high & they get to tell their full story.
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  11. When is Season 5 coming to UK Netflix tho
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  12. It’s bittersweet. On the one hand it sucks that such a great show is finishing so soon. But on the flip side, I’m happy that before it came to an end it really grew in popularity and became a low-key pop culture moment. Its great that it’s ending on a high note and when they want it to, not when the network got bored of it.

    Until then, they need to be given every fucking award possible.
  13. Holy fucking shit. I was not ready, but I'm happy they'll end on a high.

    If they find it necessary they can still come back to it in the future though.

    I could listen to Alexis saying "David" anytime anyday.
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  14. Season 5 is finally on Netflix UK!
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  15. @roblognick Thank you for sharing that! I always use GeekTown for UK air dates and they didn’t have an air date up so I would have missed it.
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  16. Ugh. I love this show so much. I also hate that I’ve already binged through the whole season.
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  17. I full on cried many times during the season 5 (literally binged it in 2 sittings). But Stevie singing was honestly one of the best moments the show has ever seen.

    I'm so upset that we'll only be getting one more season but to echo what everyone else has said, I'm glad that it will go out on a high. It deserves so much more recognition then it gets but I'm so glad I was introduced to this show when I was. And I hope in years to come it gains the fans and exposure it truly deserves.
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  18. Finished series 5.

    I’m not saying it’s one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen, but I’m not saying it’s not. So. Good.
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  19. As a Canadian PJer, I'm so happy to see Schitt's Creek getting so much attention and love internationally. There's some awesome shows in my country that get don't get enough attention/praise (Corner Gas, Murdoch's Mysteries). Happy to see this and Letterkenny rising above the pack (and of course Trailer Park Boys).
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