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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inevitable, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. The episode where Johnny & Moira accidentally run over a cat has me screaming. Moira has so many great lines.

    "John, shall I pick you up on the way back?"
    "How far do you think we'll get if we just started running?"
    "How are we still trapped in this gothic horror show?"
  2. Yay it's back on Netflix!
  3. Alexis might have beaten Moira to the top as my favourite character.
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  4. Is it just me that thinks this show could easily spin-off into a movie? I feel like they could do it really well. They would have to take it away from the Motel setting and it would be more like a National Lampoons Vaction type affair but I think these characters are so strong it could be incredible.
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  5. And on a side note, this is funny
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  6. And where is BEBÉ's chamburr

    The part where they're in the hospital and Moira doesn't think of calling Alexis then doesn't have her number made me SCREAM

  7. Stevie's solo number is the show's best moment. If Catherine O'Hara sneaks in an Emmy nomination, the finale would be a great tape.
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  8. I'm pacing my way through season 5 but it's great.
  9. I've just binged all five seasons so far, in a matter of a couple of weeks and I can't believe how emotionally invested and involved I am in this show and these characters.

    I have so many thoughts and feelings to off load, but essentially Moira is without a doubt one of the finest TV characters of all time, Catherine O'Hara's ability to take the most mundane of lines and turn them into scene stealing howlers is unbeatable, and that accent is incredible.

    One of my favourite moments of the whole run was the growth and journey of Alexis from season one to five. Her whole journey with Ted had me so emotional and I am not afraid to admit I bawled my eyes out when they got back together at Singles Week. Her performance of 'A Little Bit Alexis' is also better than most pop girls in 2019.

    I also want a love like David and Patrick's.

    Lastly, Stevie's whole character arc bubbling under for so long and then her having THAT moment at the end of Season 5 was truly stunning. Honestly, incredible and the development of her fondness for Johnny and Moira was so touching.

    Honestly, I could talk for hours... but give it all the awards, every single one and I can't wait for season six. Surely David's wedding will be INCREDIBLE. Catering by Twyla, Ray doing the nuptials, Stevie as Best Man!
  10. Yes.
  11. Alexis' character development is outstanding. Annie Murphy plays her so well.
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  12. Grad Night still gets me in the feels every time. When those curtains open up and Moira is there – I'm tearing up typing this. And then the double punch with Patrick and David.
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  13. Catherine O’Hara is nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Programme at the 2019 Emmys for Schitt’s Creek why do I feel fucking emotional ?

  14. I screamed at all the nominations. They picked up Best Comedy, Best Lead Actress for Catherine and Best Lead Actor for Eugine.
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  15. I’m shocked at the recognition. YAS.
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  16. It’s what they deserve
  17. It’s about time it got recognition. I’m so happy for them, especially Catherine.
  18. Catherine deserves all the awards. She's long overdue.
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  19. YASSS. The little show that could!
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  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Catherine's nomination has been so damn overdue, it's unreal. Annie Murphy deserved a Supporting nod for Alexis (Dan low-key just plays himself ddd) but at least they picked up a Best Comedy nomination as well!
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