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Scissor Sisters Vs Krystal Pepsy - Shady Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. SBK


    I still can't get enough of this bit.
  2. Ray


    So mmm, mmmm.
    Mmm, mmmm.

    I want an extended mix.
  3. They really should have released this earlier than the 12th of February, i.e. not over a month after its premiere (iron, hot, etc.). Then again, the Scissor Sisters and release strategies have already proven to not be the best combination there is ...

    Shady Love is still a fantastic tune, though. It's all about the mmm-mmm for me.
  4. Such a tune. Can't get enough. The second verse KILLS everytime.
  5. What sort of radio support has this been getting? Radio 1 seemed to be bumming it about a month ago?
  6. Ray


  7. SBK


    I hope the extended mix is part of the iTunes package. I want extended second verse goodness.
  8. Where is this damn release? Not out again this week.
  9. Nope. I can't see it on iTunes either. Damn.
  10. Hopefully they are delaying the single release to make a better video.

    I’m all for art but that “kids' play” concept was hideous. And kids who aren’t very good at acting too.

    That is fourth single stuff.
  11. Don't be daft.
  12. Well, it's all a bit odd how they just aren't mentioning it at all anymore. Maybe they've binned it off. Maybe it'll appear on iTunes on Monday 13th. Amazon usually have new releases up a week in advance to pre-order though and it's not up.
  13. Jake mentioned that it's appear.

    Than, a tweet later he took it back.

    I don't see the harm in releasing it.
    It's not going to break big numbers but it'll be fine.
  14. When he said "jumped the gun on Shady Love". What does he mean? Aren't they released it now? :(
  15. NME's review of the song has the release date as the 13th. It's odd that everything's just gone quiet like.
  16. He must've said it was "out now" when it wasn't. Hopefully it'll drop tomorrow (Monday). Maybe it's iTunes only. I'd just gotten into it!
  17. Oh, I missed that first tweet. I'll wait to see if it comes Monday then.
  18. I didn't see it either, but that's the only explaination I can think of.
  19. SBK


    I think its out Monday.

    I've only just realised that there wasn't a pre-order on it. I was under the impression that there would be. Release day came around pretty quick....
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