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Scott Walker R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Scott Walker has died at the age of 76.

    He was one third of the Walker Brothers,who had hits in the 1960s including Make It Easy On Yourself & The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore before going solo and releasing a series of critically acclaimed albums between 1967-1969.

    The Walker Brothers briefly reunited in the mid 1970s releasing more albums and had a UK hit single with this....

    Scott would go on to release more solo albums as well as writing and recording soundtracks for films and producing albums for other artists.
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  2. Very sad news. And such a fascinating person. His creative journey from boyband stardom to reclusive artist is one that's probably hard to compare. A huge influence on people like David Bowie, Marc Almond, Jarvis Cocker, Goldfrapp and Bat For Lashes, his varied musical styles reached a lot of different places.

    Though just to add, The Walker Brothers reunited for three albums in the 70s. No Regrets was on the No Regrets album, not Niteflights.

    Bizarrely, he also wrote the score for Vox Lux.
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  3. I consider him one of the greatest voices. I bought the Walker Brothers box set last year. Some fantastic music.
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  4. As "too soon" as this sounds, hopefully this might mean some decent remasters of his back catalogue. You can literally hear the analogue tape break on some of the original Walker Brothers albums, plus there's some dips in sound on his early solo stuff. Plus three of his solo albums have never been issued on CD because he blocked them! Admittedly there is a lot of phoned-in crooner cover dross in his late 60s/70s output, but there are always some gems.
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  5. Mark Hollis and now Scott Walker. 2019's getting off to a good start isn't it?

    Heart breaking news.
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  6. Very sad news. One of the most expressive soulful male voices ever. Listening to Scott 4 right now. Duchess, Boy Child, Angels of Ashes....all classics.
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  7. Alongside Roy Orbison, my favourite male singer. I remember hearing those 60’s solo albums for the first time and being blown away. I always hoped I’d get to see him live. Terribly sad news.
  8. One of my favourite male voices, Scott 3 and 4 are masterpieces.
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  9. Terrible news. I've loved Scott for years, for his own music and the outsize influence he's had on a lot of my other favorites (Bowie and Eno chief among them!). "Nite Flights" is my favorite song by him but as bodies of work I really can't choose between Scott 3 and 4. Essential listens for any fan of pop's experimental side, and of course there's his later work that really pushes things into left field.
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  10. If it wasn't for Scott, the songs of Jacques Brel would only be 1/10 as well known to English-speaking audiences.
    Will they play "Funeral Tango" or "My Death" for him?
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  11. This is so saddening. He was one of my favorite artists ever. 3, 4, Night Flights, Climate of Hunter, and Tilt were such revelations to a younger me. He will be sorely missed.
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  12. What a sad country I´m living in, where the eternal loss of this great voice doesn´t even make the news!
    I LOVE the Walker Brothers and Scott´s solo work (I resepect his late output more than I love it, tbh.)
    My favourite of his solo albums has to be Scott 2.

    I just played some of his music in my office to young people who had never heard of him. And especially the girls are already swooning!

    I just showed them this video and they are floored...I mean: just LOOK AT THEM!
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  13. I always thought Beck looks like young Scott Walker.
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  14. Loved Scott Walker, particularly the run from Scott 1 to 'Til The Band Comes In. I was obsessed in the 90s when his albums were released on CD. There was no one else like him, the way he wasn't afraid to touch upon darker subjects. I listened to Hero of the War yesterday and forgotten how bleak the lyrics are.

    I wasn't a fan of his later material but respected that he was doing his own thing.
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  15. My sentiments exactly. They're taking the best ones!
  16. With Billie McKenzie gone for over 20 years now...where have all the voices gone?!
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  17. One of the greatest. That Julian Cope-curated compilation, Fire Escape In The Sky: The Godlike Genius Of Scott Walker was my gateway. I was in a pub back in 1989 and it was playing on the stereo behind the bar. I got a taped copy from the barman and gradually picked up his back catalogue. I bought Tilt when it came out and was baffled for ages before finally being blown away. We won't see his like again.

    There was a cheap-looking box set, Five Easy Pieces, released in 2003. I bought it two days before I moved out of Dublin so listened to it while packing up mountains of vinyl and CDs. The liner notes aren't up to much but the music is wonderful - a great mix across his career with Walker Brothers stuff and movie soundtracks thrown in. The Rope And The Colt is there; it was on the original 1990 release of Boy Child 1967-1970 but was ditched for the 2000 remaster.

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