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Scream 2022 (including spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ~Paul~, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Doesn’t Richie mention Stab movies plural when he only mentions the first being on Netflix?
  2. Also didn‘t Richie say to Dewey that he knew who he was when actually he pretended not to know anything?
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  3. Chad's scene being the only real "chase" of the film was kind of a letdown, but he was fun throughout.
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  4. Not really a chase scene but the Tara/Richie Hospital scene was amazing.
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  5. Yeah, when asked what he was doing, he replied "Watching Stabs on Netflix".

    And yes, I saw a few people mentioning about Amber setting herself on fire. But I suppose the hand sanitiser part might have been easily missed amongst the action. I did laugh at it though, only because I then knew what was in her immediate future.
  6. I got chills.
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  7. The tears I held back…. Ugh.
  8. Edu


    Yes! It says "Interview With Woodsboro Survivor Kirby Reed".
  9. Wheeeww that was a ride!

    It's a solid 8/10 for me. The dialogue was so, so good throughout, great quips, nice use of repeated tropes for the sake of it.

    I did guess one of the killers, primarily because the actor was given so little to do up to that point and was one of the few I recognised from other better things. The yelp I let her out when she went up in flames!

    The only flaw was that it felt like it was missing a really inventive kill scenario, one that really built the tension and had you frozen waiting for the killer to strike.

    It was odd that Sidney said "it all started with Billy" when Roman was the one who instigated it - but I guess that's a tie-in with the requel thing of ignoring sequels.

    And also if they were already up to Stab 7 in Scream 4, wouldn't there have been a further film about those events at some point?
  10. Stab 8 being directed by Rian Johnson was some galaxy brain shit
  11. Well, I'm choosing to believe that nobody apart from Sid, Gale, Dewey and Mark actually knew that Roman was Sid's brother. I hope that he was just put down as a director gone mad and he didn't get any kind of sympathy in death. Nobody outside of that screening room in the mansion would know the full story.

    So for everyone in Woodsboro, it did still start with Billy.
  12. What I would give to watch stab movies on Netflix
  13. The sign of it being so good was that I didn't touch my snacks at all, I was so enthralled. I just had occasional sips of water when things got tense.

    This didn't affect the couple a few seats over who seemed to be just forever opening the loudest packets of everything for the first hour.
  14. My impression was Stab 7 was a massive flop - and the franchise had already gone far beyond the actual events of the original characters (time travel, etc) - so I’m guessing the events of Scream 4 never got the big-screen treatment. Instead, they went for a full-on reboot with Stab 8, which as we learn, was not well-received. Poor Jill.
  15. See, the whole Judy/Wes scene was this for me. I was in bits with nerves every time he closed and opened a door. And for poor Judy to be jumped out on before she even got to the door, in broad daylight, took me off guard. I jumped.

    Also, loved the reference to Sidney still being with Detective Kincaid. When I was rewatching Scream 3 the other night I had hoped they would mention it.
  16. BTG


    Girls, what a treat. I howled. I 5creamed.

    I’ll get the bad out of the way first. The Skeet return was unnecessary. A cute idea but less would’ve definitely been more. The scenes with him were overlit too, which exposed the terrible make-up/CGI.

    Sam was pretty bad. The casting was pretty much universally great so she stuck out like a sore thumb. That scene at the hospital where Jenny Ortega was acting her ass off, and Melissa tried to push that tear out. Sis.

    Woodsboro still lacked the scope and gloss that it had in Scream.

    The good? Everything else. They even managed to make Dewey enjoyable and he’s been an unbearable twat in every other movie for me. He went out like a hero and his death was really effective. I even cared about bloody Judy in the end I-

    It goes without saying that Sid and Gale were iconic. They really dominated that third act and I loved that they got to attack the killers together. I feared when Gale got shot that she’d miss the climax again.

    I loved the new cast. They succeeded here where they failed in Scream 4. I really liked these kids, especially the twins. Mindy was such a highlight.

    Martha Meeks? Icon, legend, the moment etc etc. And I love that they confirmed that Kirby lived.

    The third act was fucking nuts. The stabbings, the shootings, the hand sanitiser. Can Mikey Madison even play a sane human being in her career at this point? Who’s to say?

    At one point, I’d have just been happy to have this film so the franchise didn’t end on the sour note of Scream 4 but I really think the new cast can carry a couple of sequels. Tara, Mindy and Chad would be a great new trio. Sam can be the opening kill of Scream 6.
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  17. Sidney and Gale having a third act without Dewey was literally a dream come true.
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  18. It is a bit sad that Sidney and Dewey only talked via phone and didn‘t see each other face to face again.
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  19. Glad I wasn't alone in thinking this. Her acting seemed really laboured and, as a final girl, she was no Sidney, despite her savagery. Maybe she'll improve for Scream Kills.

    So happy about that Kirby Easter Egg.
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