Scream 4

it seems to be a Mexico-only poster, thank goodness. hopefully, when/if the US gets a cast poster, it will not be composed of trailer stills and random publicity shots, because that poster is awful - Emma Roberts' head has been pasted onto Hayden Panettiere's body for some odd reason!

also, the original trilogy is finally being released on Blu-Ray in the US on March 29th. there don't seem to be any new features that weren't already on the DVD releases (except for deleted scenes for Scream 2), so I'm half expecting Lions Gate to re-release them when Scream 4 is released to home media in the fall.
WHAT!?! my copy just has the trailer and a commentary track.

edit: after a quick Google search, I've deducted that I have the standard version as opposed to the Collector's Edition with the deleted scenes. damn.
I didn't realise I had a special edition! I've got the boxset, with the Ghostface mask on the front and the crime scene report style synopsis on the back. But it's not the digipak version, which I'm sure was available once. It's just 3 DVDs in a box, haha.
The deleted scenes from Scream2 and alternate openings for 3 were shit.

I've been thinking about who the killer could be. I hope its someone decent and not some johnny randomer who was 10 yrs old around the original killings and became obsessed.
I wouldn't say its the easiest. It's just the most believable.

It being a new character with some loosely based connection to the original story would be pretty lame.
Maybe Syd and or Gail have gone slightly mad over the years and are trying to re-create the drama of their previous lives....
Oh god, it's going to be Gail in an attempt to rekindle the chemistry her and Dewey had during the original murders, isn't it?

Cheers Seanie, you've given me a worse nightmare than any film could right there.
seven new stills were uploaded to the Scream 4 Facebook page today, and one is very spoilery. I won't link directly to the page, because the spoilerific pictures are not hidden at all. the final picture is a HUGE spoiler, and the two before it are also slightly spoilery, 'cause if you've watched the trailer(s) enough time, you can guess what's happened just before the snaps were taken. (minor spoiler) (minor spoiler) (MAJOR spoiler)

seriously, don't click on that last one if you're avoiding spoilers.
Ooh, I think I'll steer clear. I'm incredibly anti-spoilers these days. I think it's related to avoiding music leaks, which I started doing because I didn't like hearing half (or all) of the album before I got the CD. It's the same thing with films now. I used to watch every clip, look at every still before the release date but not anymore.

Anyways, I hope some promo begins soon (in the UK specifically). It comes out next month but there's not really a buzz yet.
Seanie said:
It being a new character with some loosely based connection to the original story would be pretty lame.
Well surely that depends on how the characters in this film develop doesn't it?

Really I assume like the previous movies the killer will be a kinda satirical dig at horror movie killers ('the mum' in 2, the 'shock' brother of Sydney and bastard baby of a gang rapein 3.)


Apparently the big "in-joke theme" of this film is remake culture, especially with horror films (naturally). Be interesting to see where they go with that.
Seanie said:
I don't see how any are "spoilers" we know already people are gonna get killed!

well, yeah, it's a given that most of the cast will be dead before the credits roll, but who dies and how they die definitely are spoilers. plus, some people don't want to know anything about the movie before they see it, so I was just being safe.