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Scream 6 (2023) *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. And the other one:

  2. It's feeling less likely that she's in it even as a small role.
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  4. They probably just had that made before 5 came out and didn't update.

    Also there's a rumor that Neve and Patrick Dempsey are shooting in a few days. Allegedly a set and wardrobe have been set for Neve. Could be BS though especially the Patrick part.
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  5. Oh wow! I hadn't heard about Patrick, but I'm still 100% convinced Neve is filming. There is no reason to announce the news now. They're saving it for a surprise I feel when the trailer is released. Now if Patrick does appear, I wonder if he'd also be carried over to Scream 7? Surely they wouldn't just bring him back to die.
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  6. Yeah I could just see a quick scene at the end where we see Sidney at home. She has a few cute exchanges with Mark before getting a call with "hello Sidney". Fear comes over her face.....boom. End credits.

    Also this same leaker said we would be getting chase scenes involving alleys, fire escapes and fences. Please give us some Scream 2 like set pieces.
  7. I'm very excited about the return of the chase! As for the cliffhanger, I don't know why it's taken so long. Cliffhangers and end credit scenes have been all the rage for so long and Scream is quite the saga, so it's a nice change up. I hope it's not something *too* brief. I want almost an opening scene with Sidney in real peril. I think that would be cool. But regardless, I'm just happy they seem to be changing up the formula some.

    Another thing I saw that leaked is that they allegedly will be recreating a portion of Kirby's house. I wonder if that is for flashbacks, Stab or perhaps Kirby still lives there? But if she still lives there it doesn't explain why she didn't appear in 5cream.
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  8. I mean we also got Stu's house in Scream 5, could be a new owner although I don't think much will be in Woodsboro.

    Maybe truly a flashback how she survived or something.
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  9. Flashback of her being taken to an ambulance where Gale leaps out still in her hospital gown to interview Kirby.
  10. Ahhh!!
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  11. That's literally all I wanted, to see Hayden on set!
  12. Yay finally!!
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  13. Sorry to show off my age but what is!

    Hayden looks amazing.
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  14. Just the IDEA of Mindy and Kirby sparring over film references…

  15. Hopefully we’ll get set pictures later today!
  16. Nice that she most likely has a scene at least with Mindy so not opening kill. She does look amazing.
  17. So I was definitely wrong about it being II and not !!

    Also Hayden and Jasmin are cute together!
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  18. I won't lie, 'Scream!!' as a title is not working for me. It might work visually but they're still going to have to say it as Scream 2. On the trailers or in interviews etc.
  19. Neve & Skeet both cancelled appearances at a New Jersey convention this weekend for 'filming commitments'....
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  20. No more Skeet flashbacks please...
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