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Scream 6 (2023) *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. So much misogyny and ageism towards Neve on Twitter, people saying she should be "grateful" she has a career because of Scream, that the lights on her career are about to go out because she's 48, she owes the fans. Ugh.
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  2. Gross. In fact, the fans should be grateful that Scream is on movie number 6. I doubt that would have happened without Neve anchoring them all.
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  3. I kind of feel bad for those actors, writers, producers etc. all working hard on this new movie and then probably having to deal with this backlash at the same time. With all the fandom discussing Neve no one is praising Courteney for being back or the new cast members etc. They all seem to have been forgotten. It's a shame.
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  4. Wasn't she meant to be down for two scenes? One phone call with Gale and then her scene at the end? If so they could have shown a bit of the phone call to get her in the trailer, as it would help with tickets.

    However, the extra Spider-Men were never advertised in No Way Home but they will they won't they nature of the film filled a lot of the seats.
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  5. There's rumors going around that Robert Englund will have a cameo as Sam's pharmacist.
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  6. She'll always be Camille from The Originals. Loved her.
  7. So iconic.
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  8. Fan made but still got me excited

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  9. I love her
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  10. 2B43F48C-5537-4F1F-A272-362DCE9F7757.jpeg

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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I feel like 5 was such a terrific reboot that this one has the opportunity to just be...a whole beast of its own. I feel like 6 really has the ability to evolve into its own saga and that's really exciting.
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  12. Yeah, I feel like '6' will give us what '5' was lacking, in that hopefully it will feel more fresh and do it's own thing and not rely so heavily on mimicking the other movies.
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  14. This reminds me, I hope they did an actual photoshoot for the cast. I don't think they did a proper photoshoot for 4 or 5 which I think hurt the posters.
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  15. Booked and busy.
  16. Honestly, this is incredible. Neve has a hit netflix show renewed for a second season, Twisted Medal coming to Peacock and now a network series! I am so happy that we're getting so many opportunities to see her! This is long overdue!
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