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Scream 6 (2023) *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. Good! That means we don't have to worry about her dying.
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  2. But will one of the twins die? Wouldn‘t we want to see their mom react? But I am overthinking.
  3. She better be back for 7cream. The true star of the franchise. Sidney who?
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  4. Or maybe she's just bluffing and Martha is Ghostface.

    ''Ooh, suspects!''
  5. If this movie indeed ends on a cliffhanger then it'll continue into the seventh film, so one of them could die in this and then the funeral would happen in that. Martha better be in 7!
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  6. Cast

    an Euphoria



  7. Josh Segarra is unfff
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  8. Josh Segarra is hysterical in The Other Two AND ridiculously sexy, so I'm very much into that casting. No idea who the other girlies are ddd.
  9. I miss how exciting the casting was in the 90's but I'm sure these people will do well. I looked up that Josh guy....

  10. No clue who the girls are, but the two guys are smart casting. One will be coming off a surefire hit with Avatar and the other will have Marvel fans from She-Hulk and DC fans from Arrow, so they should have a strong enough social media following at the time to help with promo.
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  11. I'm still a bit worried that we haven't had anything official from the film's makers/socials on Courteney... I know she's kind of alluded to being in it, or said something along the lines of 'you'll see Gale', but it's strange that she hasn't been officially announced?
  12. Gale stalked around her shows studio after dark please
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  13. So the whole New York setting thing. I know there are set pictures of NYPD cars but isn't possible only a small part of it is set in NY, i.e. because Gale lives there?
  14. Early rumors say that there are killings in two separate locations: In NYC with Gale and in another city with the younger cast and that the stories would end up merging.
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  15. NIce! He's a good actor. Where's our girl though?

  16. I wonder if he could play Sam and Tara‘s dad that left them hmm.
  17. He’s giving me College Professor or Dean teas
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  18. Stab him in the ass! Dddd
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