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Scream 6 (2023) *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. Is there any chance we'll get anymore casting announcements, or is it too late now that it's filming?
  2. Omg not Conrad Grayson joining
  3. Yeah that’s what I immediatly thought too lol. Mission what?
  4. My one hope is a glimpse of Hayden. I just wanna see what look she's going for if I'm being honest. Kirby had such an iconic look in 4, I'm curious how that looks in 2022.
  5. HBIC Victoria Grayson better be joining him.

    Preferably as Ghostface.
  6. Can you imagine the absolute theatrics Miss Madeleine would be doing during her motive monologue?
  7. But could they even be in the same league as mine?

  8. The streets are saying Neve closed her deal. Btw don’t read the caption unless u want details of Sid’s role in the film.
  9. I think they had to negotiate really as things were turning somewhat sour in the fandom.
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  10. Don't take any stock into what that guy says. He's the psycho who got arrested for harassing one of the directors and stalking the entire production. I don't even want to know what kind of messages he sent to Melissa Berrara who blocked him. He just spreading lies that could end up being true.
  11. When their pinned tweet is "I know the Criminal Code of Canada like the back of my hand", I don't think that person can be trusted.
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  12. Exactly

  13. I don’t believe that tweet, but I still find it very odd that talks didn’t work out with Neve. The studio had to have known her walking away because of a pay dispute would sour the future of the franchise for fans. It certainly has for me, though admittedly I will still be on board (that’s mostly thanks to Hayden and Courtney returning, though). I still have a glimmer of hope that they might work something out, but given production has started I’m assuming it’s done.
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  14. I would be fine with them doing a final scene or even a post credit scene of her getting a call setting up a big role for her in the next one. That would be the easiest thing at this point if they can work it out with her.
  15. Imagine if they just recast Sidney haha. I joke.
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  16. Apparently, there's other sources mentioning Neve and the production have come to an agreement.

    I would like to see it.gif
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  17. Definitely. And even if she wasn’t in this one, and it was down to her wanting to skip it or because it didn’t make creative sense for her to appear, I’d be ok with that. It’s the disrespect of the situation that gets to me more.
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  18. Waiting on some sort of official confirmation about the Neve news. Paramount must've seen all the backlash/public support of her and got with the program.
  19. I'm glad that Neve knows her worth. I just hope that Paramount have come to see it too. She's not interchangeable and I do not yet think fans are completely invested in Sam and Tara. Interested, sure. Invested? Not yet.
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