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Scream 6 (2023) *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. I am once again asking for this legend to join the movie franchise, don‘t care how.

  2. Brooke was the only good thing about the series to me.
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  3. Honestly the only thing I liked on that show was Brooke, the scene with Riley getting chased/killed (even though she should have survived longer), and the scene with Brooke trapped in the freezer. I guess also the opening scene of Episode One was decent for tv even though the reveal of the new mask ruins it. I couldn't get past that or the atrocious voice. I couldn't even finish season 3 even though the mask, Roger were back.
  4. Killing off Zoe (Kiana Ledé) was a choice.
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  5. More and more Scream fansites(?) are reporting that Neve has signed on.

    While I'm glad Neve is seemingly getting paid appropriately, I do kind of have concerns with the finality of it all. It seems nearly everyone is set on a second trilogy with the franchise ending at 7. Admittedly I'm a greedy bottom who craves more but I don't think I'm ready for it to all end (again) yet. While I understand not wanting to drag it out until the movies get worse and worse but we've just finally, after 20+ years, established a new core set of characters with a refreshing storyline in a very successful showing at the box office. If the rumored plans on Sidney being the epilogue and setting up for 7 being "her" film, it seems pretty assured it will all end there. The odds of them ever being able to once again pull off a new cast that not only hits with audiences but connects to the original story seems pretty low to impossible.

    If 7 puts Sidney at the forefront again, I don't see how we ever get a fully realized conclusion. Unlike other horror franchises, there is no big bad to finally end "once and for all," etc. She already got her happy ending in 3, got her "don't fuck with the original" moment in 4, and even passed the baton in 5, so where else is there to go? If Sidney puts an end to what I assume will be a cult of Ghostfaces, I don't see how the threat of another psycho deciding to take on the mantle years later like so many have already done would be diminished. Can there really ever be a happy ending for her when she's now twice experienced massacres after a decade long break of peace? I suppose they could (and who am I kidding, probably will) reboot the franchise a decade or so from now with someone coming after Sidney's children for whatever reason but I do feel like there's too much potential in Sam, Tara, and Mindy's stories to end in 6 or take a backseat in the rumored plans for 7. I'll be there opening night (and likely several more times) regardless, but I really don't see how Ghostface could ever come after Sidney again without it being a very lopsided fight in Sid's favor or them totally regressing her character from where she was in 5. Neve has said publicly she would never return for them to kill Sidney off so I guess I don't understand how she could possibly ever been the main character in the film again.
  6. BTG


    Completely agree. The fandom’s obsession with this being a trilogy is nearly as bad as the industry creative insistence that this series has to work in trilogies when 4 already fucked up that idea, so why not embrace it? Take each movie as it comes and stop trying to make everything a three part story.

    I love Sid, and a Scream without her would definitely be weird, but I’d have been happy with a few more movies of the new cast (plus Gale and Kirby.) Throwing all that away to end at 7… only to inevitably pick it up again in a decade feels misguided.
  7. Yeah there is no real ending with Sidney anyway since Ghostface is different each time.

    Except if Sidney dies or Stu returns which is both a big no no to me.
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  8. I seriously doubt they would end it at 7 if the movies keep making money. Making they will retire the Sidney character after 7 but Scream is the only valuable property Spyglass Media Group has (unless that Spy Kids reboot unexpectedly hits) so they will keep churning them out as long as they're profitable.
  9. Isn't this the whole purpose of these new characters though, so they can be handed the baton to continue on the series post Sidney? This is why they need to start shifting focus off of Gale/Sidney (as much as I love them) so that audiences will be invested in the other characters. It's no good if the minute a Scream movie is announced without Sid/Gale the fandom get mad and then the producers feel the need to pull in those characters again otherwise people won't see the film.
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  10. Fans were mostly annoyed about Neve getting shafted by a sub par offer, I’m sure if she was to sit it out for better reasons there wouldn’t have been such negativity around it?
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  11. Of course but the fact remains that if they want to continue on the franchise they can't keep bringing Sidney back. I just fear certain parts of the fandom will never be happy and will always complain if a Scream movie isn't Sidney focussed.
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  12. I don't see the issue with it being written as a trilogy, because usually, if they have a set plan over a shorter period of films, the writing and story is likely going to be better, instead of them just keep going with little direction until it gets shit/starts to really flop.

    Even if it is a trilogy, with a set "ending", the franchise, realistically will never completely, die, the universe will be rebooted one way or another sooner or later. I think have 3 films with a great structure and storyline over the next couple of years will be great for Scream and would keep us satisfied for a while longer.
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  13. Or just standalone movies? Not everything has to be part of something bigger. I would have no problem with each future Scream movie being it’s own self-contained story. I don’t need to see the same characters turn up each time to fight Ghostface once again. If the characters are well-written then you should be able to tell a fresh story with fresh characters each time without the need to pull on legacy characters.
    I mean, I get the draw from doing that but not ever horror franchise has had the same main characters in each movie and I don’t think a franchise needs that in order to be good or to continue on.
  14. I like the soap opera aspect of Scream where new brothers and mothers and cousins keep popping up so I like having continuing stories across movies but I agree that it can't keep revolving around Sidney forever. As I said, I would be fine if this trilogy concluded the Sidney storyline and the new cast picked up the torch, with maybe Gale sticking around in her reporter role. I'm not precious about Scream constantly having to be about Sid or referencing back to the first movie, it's just that the characters and stories have to be compelling.
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  15. My personal hope has always been to rest/find creative ways to use SIdney, without making her central for at least a few films. Then after they've allowed the new cast to have their moment, they can bring back Sidney with great fanfare in films centered around her and her kids ala Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis' return. That would be the smart long plan. Making her the focus of 7 seems premature when you have Mindy, Chad, Kirby, Gale, Tara and Sam still around. Surely they could at least carry a third film, the survivors of 6 I mean.
  16. Here for them delving into Gale’s family history, I just know somewhere in her gene pool there is a mini me.
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  17. I do not expect all of Mindy, Chad, Kirby, Gale, Tara and Sam to survive 6cream...

    Or what's the point?
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    I think Kirby is most likely surviving, considering the outpour of fan demand she had for S5, it would be really ballsy to write her off that easily. Gale isn't going anywhere either. The twins are probably in the most danger here -- Chad being almost certainly dead meat and Mindy's a toss up.

    I could see Tara or Sam dying in the final act for the gag, but I think they're mostly safe as well. I'd be surprised if any newbie lived into S7 -- Scream has always been greedy who they let survive.
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  19. Tara and Mindy both surviving whilst their siblings perish thus creating a strong bond...

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  20. I think there would be uproar at this stage if they killed off Kirby. She needs to get wounded but survive by the end (just as Sidney and Gale do each movie!)
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