Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

I’m ready for some casting news. We have a bunch of survivors and I find it odd only Courtney has been announced. I can’t wait to wake up to an announcement of returning cast members and the newbies!
I really wonder if they will have the guts to kill of Samantha or just make her character better.

I had no issues but the feedback for her wasn‘t great.
They’re not going to kill off Sam. If anyone was to die it would be Tara which would give Sam an excuse to be like her dad again.
Killing off the previous Final Girl would actually be new territory for this franchise and a fresh rule for them to break. I would not be opposed.

I like this idea. I didn't really care either way for Samantha but it would be in keeping with other slashers where the Final Girl doesn't make it in the next film.

I much preferred Tara that, when I grew to like her in the first few minutes, I was impressed that they didn't kill her off.


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Mama Carpenter?


IDK, I'm kinda here for it.