Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

Hello. Here's an unhinged semi play-by-play notes on a 3rd viewing. All of these notes were slanted UP in my notebook. Edited for clarity and girth (it's LONG, sorry!):

Whew. Okay, I just got back from seeing this a 3rd time and I have thoughts.

Do you wanna see me go off? Cuz I'm about to go off.

In short, I think this is a masterpiece.

Practically on par with the original, which I wouldn't say about any of the other films in this franchise, regardless of my love for them. A brilliant example of two things I love dearly and one thing that makes so many of groan: Camp, slashers, and sequels. Oh, and I think it has wafts of Almodovar to boot! I took extensive notes, because it's really the more minute details that elevated this to something more than just a technically proficient horror entry. I don't have much to add on the big set pieces (Ladder, Gale, Bodega, Subway, or finale), which I think are all among the franchise's most thrilling moments, but here goes!

NOTES (from the top)

-I've already commented on the opening, but yeah--the subversions and easter eggs work for me during the first part, and then it just completely nails me with the "Who gives a fuck about movies?" TITLE CARD (especially in comparison to the dumbass "Now I see something red!!" fakeout) I laugh out loud every time. Just brilliant.

-Every needle drop in this one is a banger. It honestly might have the best soundtrack. Fully support a campaign for Demi's "Still Alive" for Best Original Song.

-Melissa Barrera instantly wins me over in the post-title scene with the "I stabbed him 22 times and slit his throat...but that's not why I'm here" bit. Again, I love the being-blamed-as-the-mastermind part of her arch. More on this later. Also, fuck this therapist!

-After the therapy session, this quickly escalates to, excuse the hyperbole, something like ecstasy. The combination of filmmaking--from the score, sound design, direction, and most importantly this effing script, in coordination with these incredible performances...
---->It starts with the Fort Knox locks on the apartment door. Yup. Check. Yes.
---->The fake out scare from Quinn's whoopie session reintroduces this excellent score and some great framing.

-Then, we meet Quinn and I That whole exchange between Sam and Quinn with the guy in the background was *chef's kiss*.



Everything just instantly felt warm and cozy. I felt at home with these characters and the universe we were stepping into. It was very apparent (and I do think this showed in 5cream, too, just to lesser effect for me) how much this team care about this franchise. Fans are very lucky to have this crew working on this. I'm emotional about it, to be honest! [SPOIL]but I'm a SAP[/SPOIL]

Then we go back to Jenna Ortega's Tara, who, category fraud or NOT will most likely remain my Supporting Actress winner or runner up this year. Her looks and glances throughout the film were on par with what Hoss was doing in TÁR. She just has the perfect face for this genre.

Love the frat party. Again, just establishing a great rapport with the characters and the overall vibe was just...perfect. And flex with that Bille Eilish track!

More cute lines w/

And Chad is the perfect Chad. Undeniably charismatic and charming and disarmingly douchey (and hot). Love, love love Mason Gooding in this role.

Ortega's reaction to the ball-tasing, and the Mean Girls-esque line of the random party goer who quips "Hey isn't that that psycho girl?" Yes. Great party scene.

So much of the success of the film hinges on Ortega and Barrera's chemistry and the relationship between Sam and Tara and both actors and the writers ace it. They are so, so good together.

Appreciated showing Tara use her inhaler without it showing up later as a recycled plot device.

Totally on board with the shipping of Chad and Tara. Felt so natural, and something I wasn't expecting but as soon as it started happening had me all excited. Another great needle drop when they go in for the kiss. Ortega's delivery of "I'm not messed up anymore, just so you know".

Chad freaking out at Quinn's over use of "cock" was so on point. "Stop saying the word cock!"

Then the directors ~murder~ me with the Sam + Cute Boy first encounter.

It is shot like a got damn telenovela and I live. Absolutely hilarious. And "What brand of soda did Sam have on her shirt?" is future horror trivia. It's the sensual, aromatic scent of Diet Cherry Coke, btw. Cute Boy's favorite.

-Sam wanting to pack and "leave in 10" was another great beat, and a nice contrast to our characters in contrast to the opening girl.

-Hayden/Kirby. <3 Love the music cue they gave her entrance (and also that she's eating fast food/grab-n-go items in two of her scenes?).

-I like the punch bit w/Gale and the sisters. I'm not gonna argue that it isn't cheap nostalgia, but I'll take it!

-I've seen some people annoyed that Gale seems to have regressed from her ending in 5cream by writing a book (and making life hell for Sam, it seems!), but I actually buy it. She's alone after Dewey and probably doesnt have many friends. I'm not surprised she went back to writing a book, but yeah the making Sam look worse was not great! But again, not really surprising. This is Gale Weathers! She's grown, but she's still Gale. I do hope we get a Lana Winters esque interview moment from her in Scream 7.

-Little line: Ethan's "I don't like this" during Mindy's Rule Monologue (an improvement on 5, and certainly better than 2-- her uncle would be proud).

-Oh, and Chad's "Beheadings?!" Which had me nervous the rest of the film until I remembered Jason's roommate's head was def not on his body in that fridge.

-The Core Four slumber party! Again, great direction here--You want to be hanging out with these characters. Just really good filmmaking. And another intelligent move from our characters right off the bat, which thankfully isn't undermined by turning one of them into GF.

-I skipped over the bodega, which I thought was excellent and very scary--along with the attack outside the apartment right before they run inside the bodega, it does a great job of making things feel dangerous before we head into...

-The ladder scene. Iconic. One thing I'd like to point out is this small sandwich of comedic gold with a center of terror: As Anika starts to head over the ladder and GF shows up behind her and the three of them notice, Anika delivers this "What?" that does a wonderful job of cutting the tension ever so slightly before things get genuinely hard to watch. She falls, which is maybe the most graphic thing I've seen in a Scream, and immediately cuts to Sam smoking a cigarette. 10/10

-Did Cheetos sponsor this? I caught two bags. And things are niiiicee and campy by the time Ethan offers some to Chad in the van during the phone-tracing scene (another great homage to S2). I loled. "Want some?"

-Sam's delivery of "You're gonna die you know?" in the park was another moment where I felt she was in total control of the material.
-THEY STEAL A COP CAR. And yes, of course they're gonna use the sirens.
<--This was when I was certain they knew they were serving full camp.

There's a lot to be said about the last act. Mainly, my thoughts: Who gives a fuck about reveals?

What comes before and after are legit series-best stuff--it's hard to have a legitimate problem with anything. Though I completely understand people's issues with Dermot, just not issues I have personally, cause, ya know, this is a Scream film and it's kinda exactly what I wanted.

I realize I didn't say much about Mindy. Big fan of the character and performance. Her being stand-offish to Ethan the whole film was great, especially when they're waiting for the next subway together. Can't wait to start Yellowjackets.

I'd like to talk more about the last act, as I think that's when it really cements itself as high camp for me...there's a LOT going on in those last 30 minutes but I decided to just watch. I think they say "fuck about 25 times in the last 15 minutes or something. I lost count and was getting wrapped up in it all. I liked the bits about assassinating character and the ease at which we can make others believe the worst in people.

Oh, I guess the other thing was the Dewey theme when Gale is talking to Sam (or is it Sam and Tara?). I choke up, easily.
That cue, and the other OG cue when they first meet Gale at the press swarm made me very happy. And BOTH "Red Right Hand" drops. Get it? Cuz it's the SEQUEL?

Like all Scream films, I hope those who may have been slightly underwhelmed give it another go. I think knowing what happens helps these films, actually.

Blessed be this film. Long live Scream. They can make 6 more or none at all. I don't give a fuck.



I love all of this so much and so much truth! This movie did feel like a nice warm blanket for me compared to 5. It just felt so natural just from the jump. I also loved the flow of the movie how the Samara scene leads into the Tony scene which leads directly into Sam's therapy session.

So many little details/lines that make this so re-watchable. Also shout out to this bop which is put perfectly at the title card.

Realllllly want a Lana Winters esque TV interview moment with Gale and the Carpenters in S7. I really thought they were setting us up for it in this one to make up for Gale writing that book!
I don’t think Parker will really be back, but it’s fun to speculate. Scream is the ultimate mystery, so the fans are always coming up with theories so at least this one is about a funny character I guess.

Overall, I truly have *no* genuine idea of what to expect for Scream 7. Radio Silence is hinting they might not return, but we’d have the same writers, so we don’t even know the creative team.

We also don’t know the location or who will be back. We pretty much knew 6 would move cities and take the characters to college, but I highly doubt they’ll directy mirror Scream 3 with 7.

Then when it comes to the cast we know the Core Four will be back, but what about Kirby and Gale? Sidney and Mark?

I’m genuinely excited going forward now that I feel they have free rein to really push the story and try new things. I’m open to so many directions they could take things in.

My one big demand is that we can’t have another Neve negotiation situation. The Core Four is going into their third film, all have higher profiles now and they’ll likely be due for raises. Spyglass/Paramount better fucking not fuck this up.
Reading all of the recent interviews with the Radio Silence team it’s great to see that they totally get what makes a Scream film, so I have full confidence in them for 7 and I definitely hope they’re back for it.

The Core 4 are obviously top of the agenda for who comes back. If any of them don’t come back then it would be like having Scream 2/3 without one of the original trio. Inconceivable.

It feels like Scream VI has left the franchise in such a place that the Core 4 could easily lead a seventh entry by themselves if no legacy characters decided to return. Their popularity is so evident at the moment - for a franchise to have a new cast where their popularity matches that of the original? It’s almost unheard of in franchises in general, never mind just horror. It was definitely a wise decision to keep all 4 alive (but one of them definitely needs to die in 7).
Back when she was shoved through the two-way mirror I didn't believe Jennifer was actually dead, I thought she was just knocked out so I'd so be here for her coming back.

An idea that could bring back old faces for small cameos. Maybe Jennifer, Martha Meeks, Joel, Detective Wallace etc could come back because the survivors and victim's families over the years feature on a panel for Gale's morning show and it's during this that Ghostface calls in and demands she stay on the line live on air else he'll murder somebody there and then... that way he could interact with those old faces too!
If Scream VII is released just one year after VI, surely it will still be set in New York, no? Tara, Chad and Mindy just started college. Are they all going to drop out/transfer because of the events of VI? Scream 3 was at least set three years into the future, so it made sense for it to be set in a new location.
Yeah I think it will stay in New York or they could be on some vacation or something together. Though why go smaller?
I just want to echo every piece of praise this has gotten - elevated cinematography, better pacing, tighter script, stronger performances, less arbitrary 'fucks', grander set pieces. The film felt like unadulterated fan service for the queers, and yet it's also critically and commercially successful too? I'm thrilled.

Here are my favourite goofy moments in no particular order:
- Samara Weaving’s shoe cam
- Kirby looking like Tiffany Valentine
- Gale popping up outside the police station with the zaniness of a Sesame Street character
- Ghostface shaking the ladder
- Gale’s penthouse
- Gale’s blue hair tie matching her gorgeous blue fleece
- Gale not giving a shit about her boyfriend being gutted in her home moments earlier and basically stepping over his corpse while on the phone to Ghostface
- Gale’s face tapes SITTING as she fell unconscious
- The woman on the subway wearing Julia Fox's black dress from Vanity Fair's 2022 Oscars party as a Halloween costume
- "You’re not Woodsboro, sorry"
- Sam’s tank top
- Sam's makeup not budging after offing an entire family
- Ghostface² giving us choreo after Chad's non-death
- The killers being terrible at their assignment and killing fewer people than Sam, Tara and Kirby
- The reminder that Sam is Nancy THEE Loomis’ granddaughter
- “Looks like you’re down another brother :)”
- Sam’s bodycount being 3 at this point
If they go down the true crime/documentary route then that would be an amazing way to get the likes of the bathroom girls from Scream 1 and the sorority girls and Joel from 2 back for a cameo appearance. They’re the exact type of people you’d expect to see pop up on those documentaries as a talking head.

I'm pretty sure this is what they're going to end up going with to some extent, but I'm just hoping they don't mirror Scream 3 to the point of setting it in Hollywood - I just don't think it'll work. Either way, I hope they find a way to end the trilogy in Woodsboro or tie it back to there to some extent.

Sam and Tara's mom needs to be included in some capacity, it only makes sense.

I think I'm in the minority here but for the opening scene, I really just want an old school phone call celebrity cameo kill. Like, a big name.
I don’t know where they’ll go, but I hope they *don’t* go back to Woodsboro. If they can’t film in the original town or find a similar town, they need to stay out of Woodsboro. We’ve had two sequels filmed in different cities posing as Woodsboro and neither worked in terms of fitting the location. In both cases it limited the action and immediately felt inferior to the original because you didn’t have the large farmhouses which allowed more creative options for action sequences. Compare Casey’s opening to Tara cramped up in that small ass house with hardly any space to utilize.

One of the best parts of Scream is that it’s not locked down to one location like some other horror franchises. I also think each non-Woodsboro sequel makes a good case for moving the action. Not only does it give them more creative options for the action sequences, but why the hell would any of the Core Four move back to Woodsboro? At this point, why would Gale or Sidney even visit? Kirby you can justify because we just don’t know enough about her current life, but we know she doesn’t live there. I feel like setting another film in Woodsboro is more fan service at this point.

With that said, there is one way you can make it work. I hate saying it because I don’t wanna put a Woodsboro return back into the universe, but making Martha the opening kill could justify getting everybody back to Woodsboro, including Sidney. It would also be interesting to shift the killers focus from Sam to the twins for variety, but I still don’t want that unless they film in the original city.