Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

I don't see why he would detest Sam? Like, it's not her fault his wife had cheated and lied for 13 years. And he's kinda trash for leaving them high and dry like that after finding out the truth. Like, they're still his daughters.
I think you answered your own question. He upped and left and sounds like an ass. Understandable to be a bit miffed at the thought of unknowingly raising a serial killer's child for many years, but he left Tara behind too. I'm guessing he'd be pretty resentful of Sam for being the cause of everything that's happened in 5 and 6.

But I think we can assume that both Carpenter parents are grade-A dickheads. Imagine your kids going through all that, and you not even checking in on them.
I hope Mother C just remains an omnipresent but never seen character. I can't see her coming into the series and it not being some convoluted rehash of something that's been already or retconning something major to shoehorn her into it. Mention her here and there by all means, but focus on the sisters and the sisters only from that family. It's all we need.
I saw it yesterday and really liked it. Just behind my top 3 (1, 2 and 4), but better than Scream 5.

It was bigger and more elaborate and the setting felt fresh. Kirby was the highlight for me.

I wasn't that interested in Sam's story and the Billy hallucinations were off (though it was a bit more subtle than in 5). But she progressed as a character and I hope she'll get a new storyline in 7.

If everybody returns in Scream 7 (including Sidney, Gale and Kirby), they'll have a big cast of survivors and they'll need to introduce a lot of new characters as victims and killers. I don't think they could believably make any of the survivors one of the killers. In this movie, Chad and/or Kirby maybe could've been killers (but now that ship has sailed).
Liked this a lot. I feel like the franchise is in a really good place at the moment - you pretty much know that you’re gonna get a solid fun romp of a movie for 2 hours.

Cast were all great, especially main girl who I never had a problem with in the first one. Like the last one, Jasmin Savoy Brown was such a scene stealer. Get her leading a romcom / indie movie asap because she’s got the chops for sure. Such a great character actress.

Really liked some of the set pieces in the movie. The shop scene, the train scene, the ladder scene, the chase in Gail’s flat, the entire finale - all just top quality vintage Scream scenes.

My one critique is one too many of them survived a stabbing. I think they should only really do one stabbing death fake out, and it probably should’ve been Gail who got that privilege. Half the cast being stabbed but somehow surviving was a bit much. Either they should’ve died or just avoided being stabbed altogether. It just meant by the end that when Ghostface caught them and they got stabbed it didn’t really mean anything, whereas it should be kinda a big deal. But it’s all part of the fun I guess, and it’s certainly not the first Scream film or slasher film to have this trope so I don’t really care.

Just a really solid night out at the cinema. Such a good vibe. Totally agree with whoever said it’s weirdly a bit of a feel good film - I left with the biggest smile on my face. Really, really enjoyable.
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a movie with potentially Gale, Sidney, Kirby, Mindy, Chad, Sam, Tara and Danny is...a lot (And maybe Mark?). I think keeping too many survivors makes it a lot more difficult to have a successful Ghost face reveal in the next one. As they'd only have space for 3 or 4 new characters.

I could do without Kirby to be honest, and wouldn't mind if Gale was reduced to a small cameo.
I only want Sidney in it if it makes sense for the story. Gale probably will be reduced yeah.

Did anyone catch Dany saying a weird line about „family“ on the staircase entrance? I hope he won‘t be revealed to be another Richie Family member.
I only want Sidney in it if it makes sense for the story. Gale probably will be reduced yeah.

Did anyone catch Dany saying a weird line about „family“ on the staircase entrance? I hope he won‘t be revealed to be another Richie Family member.

That would actually be a nice continuation/twist - as is, the films are largely separated by their respective killers' motivations (some of which are scraping the barrel), so one that spreads across more than one film would be welcome.

The not-worth-your-time TV series did something similar with a 'survivor' from the first season turning out to be a sleeper cell killer in the second.
I low-key wish Gale was involved in the bodega scene as a nice throwback to Courteney's other thriller, November, a forgotten treasure from 2004.


Me to my friends and acquaintances when they try to avoid watching this piece of art by pointing out that it's not available on streaming services -

Wasn’t part of their motive also to be immortalized within the Stab films? Just like Mickey in 2 and Jill/the one played by a Culkin brother in 4?

The motive was fine, as was some characters having plot armor and surviving (it’s like people forgot all the shit Dewey had survived).
Mrs Voorhees begs to differ

She was the OG though.

…unless we count Prom Night.