Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

I don't want Gale attacked again in 7. Let her cameo but keep Ghostface away from her.

Me to the Scream 7 writers:

I loved Quinn's knife flip when Sam is holding Tara up on the balcony, just like her brother. Also her demented face with her busted up teeth. Plus her sliding the knife on the banister. That entire scene isn't being talked about enough. "Looks like your down another brother", when Sam is out of bullets "oh fuck".

Oscar worthy.
"Looks like you're down another brother" is potentially the cuntiest line in the whole Scream franchise.
When you walk out of a slasher film feeling relieved that some of the characters survived instead of wanting them to die, it’s different from other slasher films. This franchise is truly a cut above.
Scream’s ability to make you truly care and root for the characters is so special. When I watch some horror franchises, I’m rooting for the killer, but here they generally do a good job of making you care enough that you don’t want anybody to die.

Going back to Casey and Tatum in 1 or Maureen/Hailey in 2 or Jennifer in 3 (and I could go on), they make you fall in love with these characters so much. With 6, I think they did such a fantastic job of doing that with the new cast. With 5 I wasn’t as invested in them living or dying, but I couldn’t see any of them die in this movie. Of the newbies, I also think they did a good job with Anika in the short time we had her.

My hope for 7 is that they continue in that direction and just keep diving into the character development which adds so much to these films. I never want a Scream full of throwaway characters like say Friday the 13th.


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I loved Anika soooooo much. I knew she was a goner after watching her try to defend Mindy and take that knife like Dewey, but to see them kiss and have their final moments together? Devastating. Literally the one death I cared about the most, besides Laura's heels getting their iconic moments framed squarely on screen.

Goddamn, this whole film was so satisfying. I guess on second watch you can identify that it's not NYC, but for the general audience, it's not always obvi. I think 7, if handled even better, can expand upon both films still carrying a 'tight' filming energy. There's so much more that they can do.
I clocked immediately it wasn’t actually NYC and it took me out but it’s not the first “takes place in NYC but isn’t actually NYC” production and they at least attempted to make it look like NYC in certain areas.
I mentioned they were in New York when I took a friend to see it and she was so confused lol. But she used to live in New York. I was fooled as someone who hasn’t been there.
I wonder if, this time next year, we will be anticipating Scream 7's release or if they will leave a bigger gap this time?
People keep asking when it’ll officially be picked up, but I feel they learned their lesson last time and won’t announce anything until the cast is sorted.

The rumor is that it’s been picked up and is set to start filming by October at the latest. Radio Silence hinted in an interview that the writers are likely through with their first draft for 7 and made it seem like they wouldn’t be doing it. I’m curious who would replace them if that happens. That could be another reason for the delay in announcing 7.
I hope Radio Silence stays and I think they will. They probably just don't want to say until they get their contract figured out. If we had to have someone else the guy who directed Sick could definitely deliver on the set pieces/chase scenes plus he already has the Kevin Williamson connection.