Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

I hope Radio Silence stays and I think they will. They probably just don't want to say until they get their contract figured out. If we had to have someone else the guy who directed Sick could definitely deliver on the set pieces/chase scenes plus he already has the Kevin Williamson connection.
From what people are speculating, if they didn’t do it, the main issue is availability because they’re committed to other projects.
Let's just hope it isn't titled that. Given it the number 7 please. I don't want VII.

I like the roman numerals actually. It's very 80's.

But then it's going to visually look like SCREAIVII

Which I don't think looks great. And could even make it look like it says SCREAM 1 and If they just go with SCREAM and then have VII behind it... might as well just use a 7.
Seeing it again Thursday night with some people who haven't seen it. It stays just as good for me each watch which was the opposite of Five Cream even if I still love that one.
I'm glad I stayed out of this thread after the first trailer dropped and didn't watch any of the following trailers/clips. Going into the movie practically blind did elevate my experience watching it.
I spoiled the reveal clip and actually not too bothered as it was the one part of the film that let me down. I had guessed the detective regardless by the limited new characters involved.

Must be stronger for 7.

I think they have to go down a relative or known person/survivor for 7 to link to the trilogy.
Oh, I worked it out very quickly. Wayne looking insane when talking about killing anyone who hurts his family, and Quinn mentioning her dead brother a few scenes earlier, both a little too pointed to be unconnected. A little too easy, to be honest. In saying that, the gasp I let out when Debbie Salt walked onstage in Scream 2! Because I hadn't even considered the possibility that she was the killer. I think I was still assuming the killers would be teens again. "Debbie Salt doesn't exist!"
It's a bit of a tricky one for the writers, because they know the fans will be overanalyzing every hint or weirdly pointed piece of dialogue into guessing who the killer is/are. Maybe they could lean into it and let us in into the secret, making us "accomplices".

When they tried to make all of the characters say cryptic stuff it felt too ham-fisted. Scream 4 did that a lot, with Judy Hicks and heck, even Gale writing on an empty Word document with a 72pt font size and an ominous music.
Well girlies....

The double opening (catch that Slumber Party Massacre Gag),
the sudden attack leadig into the bodega,
Melissa coming into her own and owning every damn scene,
the tragic ladder scene,
the fucking scenes in Gale's apartment that are a series highlight,
"Can I put you on hold please!"
Kirby being amazing,
my huge love for the core four,
the Three killers,
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I don’t ever want Gale to die ….: but it would be amazing if she’s the opening kill for Scream7 and I’d want it to be the best opening sequence the series has ever had !!