Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

There's just been far too much overt dialogue about their mom for me to ever agree that the Carpenter sisters' story is over. Whether it's as a killer, victim, or red herring, there was actual groundwork being built for that character in some way or another so I'll never feel fully satisfied with this ending for them.

I want be watching either way, but I see them going either the full creatively-bankrupt route and bringing Stu back as a nostalgia play to appease that segment of the fanbase or them going completely meta and making 7 in the vein of New Nightmare with the entire OG cast (minus Rose) returning and playing themselves.
My theory is that their mom was that bitchy cheerleader from Scream 1. We need mama Carpenter.
I mean there are more survivors that could return than you think

Anyone seriously wanting to be a Ghostface would never choose to go after the Carpenters. They're going after Sidney, because she's Sidney. But also, they're dumb for trying it, because anyone going after Sidney ends up dead. Here's the new plot for the next one: Sidney running around killing Ghostface wannabes. It's like Saw except Sidney's killing killers.
This has been such an embarrassing moment for the franchise. I hope Spyglass takes note from the response and leaves the property dormant for the time being (would be nice if they just let the rights go elsewhere), but after their streak of stupidity over the last week, I don't know what to expect.

The last two films were such an unexpected triumph and I'm more than happy leaving all things Scream there.
This is just a shitshow at this point. I do wish they'd prioritize safeguarding the quality of the creative output and the standadrd of the whole saga over trying to make money while the brand is "hot", because however you put it I just don't see a strong follow-up happening. It's just creating plot holes and complicated timelines for the sake of it. Yes, I'm MAD.
Also... sorry to this man David, but Dewey is not a selling point for anyone? There's no need to retcon his death. If they need to start from scratch, they can use an entirely new cast and just have it set somewhere else but exist in the same universe/continuity. There's literally no reason to begin messing with the timeline.
This is so funny (and I agree), but Scream twitter absolutely loves Dewey for some reason? I've seen people clamouring to bring him back and saying his death was the worst part of 5cream. I just do not get it.

Now that the dust settles, it looks like more of the truth is coming out. It seems to me like Melissa was made a scapegoat and her exit most likely was due to them not wanting to pay Jenna to return for the movie. Since her deal was already finalized, accusing her of being anti-Semitic was likely a way to get out of her contract without having to pay her.

Considering they didn’t want to pay Neve last time and don’t wanna pay Jenna this time, I just can’t see them confidently signing Neve again. I expect yet another retool in that case or it might get shelved entirely.