Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

Really, really enjoyed this.
Can't rank it yet without seeing it again but I think it's better than 5 and of course, much better than 4.

It was definitely almost as camp as Scream 3 and the kills were brutal.

I thought all of the core 4 were great. Kirby was a welcome return and Gale was just iconic. Some of her lines were amazing. Her scene with ghostface was fantastic. I loved it when she put the killer on hold!!!! Everyone in the cinema laughed.
I saw a double screening last night and I have thoughts. Not sure if we're still using spoiler tags but will just in case.

I just found it all a bit inconsequential. More Ghostfaces than they've ever had and between them they killed what, like 3 people (with 1 being offscreen). I didn't want any of the returning characters to go but when they didn't, it's just like, what's the point? Again, 3 Ghostfaces who managed to attack Gale, Kirby and Chad quite seriously but not finish them off, it takes away any stakes.

I also don't love that it kind of feels like they're just rewriting the original films in some way.

Scream 1/5 - Killer 1 is the boyfriend of the main character (Billy/Sidney and Richie/Sam). Killer 2 is the ex of the first victim (Stu/Casey and Amber/Tara). Okay I know Tara/Amber wasn't official in 5 but it's quite heavily hinted at so I'd say it was canon despite being taken out of the final script.

Scream 2/6 - Killer 1 is the parent of the previous killer (Debbie Salt/Billy and Agent Bailey/Richie) and then Killer 2 is a student at the college part of the film is set at (Mickey/Quinn & Ethan).


Showing a character dead only for them to come back as a killer is really lazy. It's not a red herring, no one suspecting a character because they're shown as being dead is just an easy way to take them off the suspect list. It was the same with Roman in 3. I do genuinely remember thinking that when Ghostface opens the door and launches Quinn's "dead body" at the other characters that it looks like she's running, not like she's been thrown across the room. I can't pretend I knew she wasn't dead, I just assumed they filmed it poorly ddd.

The thing I will give them is that the opening was clever. 2 incels thinking they'd be the new Ghostfaces only to be murdered immediately was a fresh way to open the film, as well as getting a Ghostface reveal so soon.

I'll potentially like it more when I see it again/have taken time to let it settle in/can watch without being stressed the fuck out. Right now though I'd say it easily ranks as my least favourite of the entire series.
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Yes if you think about it they barely killed anyone. More like side characters.

I don‘t really mind it, I was still on the edge and it gave us time to get to know the cast better. I am sure they will kill some in the next one.

Maybe the not so many kills also speaks for the killers and how Ethan and Quinn were just not that good (yet). Daddy Cop was probably more effective. It will be interesting to analyze who attacked who although Quinn already said she attacked Mindy and Gale.
I feel like they're setting up Scream 7 to be an absolute bloodbath, purely because assuming Neve comes back they're gonna have 7/8 characters to juggle screen time for if everyone comes back for the next one.

Not Anika joining Olivia from Scream 4 as 'minor character who gets an absolutely brutal death for little to no reason' nn
Wait so
Dermot is playing Ritchie's Dad? Do we get a cameo from Jack in this? Like a flashback or some sort of archive stuff? Does my baby live on in spirit?
Wait so
Dermot is playing Ritchie's Dad? Do we get a cameo from Jack in this? Like a flashback or some sort of archive stuff? Does my baby live on in spirit?
I haven't seen it yet, so I'll let others correct this, but I thought the spoilers said...

He was related to Vince, and therefore to Stu? I'd have to go looking it up again to jog my memory though.