Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

Well to no surprise one is Billy but that was confirmed I think. The surprise one is Richie.

We see a small clip of him projected on the screen.

No one has connections to Vince or Stu.
I went to a double-bill screening with 5cream last night, hadn’t seen the fifth film since it came out in theatres last year because I had no real desire to come back to it. Scream 6 didn’t have any of the flaws I felt 5 did. All the humour landed, the reveals surprised me and, most importantly, everything finally felt fresh. Watching them back-to-back made 5cream feel very set-up heavy, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy it so much as a stand-alone, but it plays incredibly well into Scream 6.

My favourite in the series was Scream 4 because it’s got my favourite opening, I loved the new characters and the killers reveal was gold (well, Jill was brilliant, Charlie less so). 5cream didn’t have me totally on board with the new cast, but Scream 6 sold them completely. Left the theatre with chills for the first time in a while. (The first film isn’t my favourite because 2 and 5 diluted it for me, I think they all feel too similar, which has detracted from it a little bit. Like it’s a victim of its own successful formula.)

I’m just as excited now as I was when I first watched Scream 4, perhaps Scream 6 will become my favourite in the series. Recency bias aside, I really don’t have any major complaints this time.
Fuck me they nailed this one didn't they?!!!

Soooooooooo intense at times, I didn't breathe during Gale's attack and my god if I didn't adore her before, I do now. She is that b*tch.

Tara's satisfaction after she got a stab in was also a great moment, sisterly bonding in future over kills etc... oh and bricking Quinn in the face!!!!! Girl after my own heart.

My only qualm is the two new male characters, Ritchie's brother was bland as fuck and I suppose served his purpose but I'm sorry there is NO excuse for the bad acting from Josh Segerra no matter how sexy he is.

Other than that for me it is the best since the first two.
Hi I'm new.

Incredible movie. I have to highlight the way in which they paralleled the somewhat negative reception Melissa got from 5CREAM with how Sam is being perceived and treated by the media and GP here. That was amazing.

Firstly, hello and welcome. I also noticed this and I'm so pleased they managed to use it so cleverly here.
I saw a double screening last night and I have thoughts. Not sure if we're still using spoiler tags but will just in case.

I just found it all a bit inconsequential. More Ghostfaces than they've ever had and between them they killed what, like 3 people (with 1 being offscreen). I didn't want any of the returning characters to go but when they didn't, it's just like, what's the point? Again, 3 Ghostfaces who managed to attack Gale, Kirby and Chad quite seriously but not finish them off, it takes away any stakes.

I also don't love that it kind of feels like they're just rewriting the original films in some way.

Scream 1/5 - Killer 1 is the boyfriend of the main character (Billy/Sidney and Richie/Sam). Killer 2 is the ex of the first victim (Stu/Casey and Amber/Tara). Okay I know Tara/Amber wasn't official in 5 but it's quite heavily hinted at so I'd say it was canon despite being taken out of the final script.

Scream 2/6 - Killer 1 is the parent of the previous killer (Debbie Salt/Billy and Agent Bailey/Richie) and then Killer 2 is a student at the college part of the film is set at (Mickey/Quinn & Ethan).


Showing a character dead only for them to come back as a killer is really lazy. It's not a red herring, no one suspecting a character because they're shown as being dead is just an easy way to take them off the suspect list. It was the same with Roman in 3. I do genuinely remember thinking that when Ghostface opens the door and launches Quinn's "dead body" at the other characters that it looks like she's running, not like she's been thrown across the room. I can't pretend I knew she wasn't dead, I just assumed they filmed it poorly ddd.

The thing I will give them is that the opening was clever. 2 incels thinking they'd be the new Ghostfaces only to be murdered immediately was a fresh way to open the film, as well as getting a Ghostface reveal so soon.

I'll potentially like it more when I see it again/have taken time to let it settle in/can watch without being stressed the fuck out. Right now though I'd say it easily ranks as my least favourite of the entire series.
I saw it last night and totally agree with all of this. I left the cinema with mixed feelings.

But all in all it was a fun ride and Melissa was amazing.
Full long ass thoughts:

Opening scenes/kills: I loved that we were led into a usual "big name" kill which then flipped on it's head as the killer was unmasked in seconds after Samara Weaving's character was off'd... and then the fridge corpse (very 80s). My favourite thing about this is that in a small way it used the Ghostface cult idea we had heard about previously. Oh and the "who gives a FUCK about movies?!" made me chuckle.

New characters: Quinn was an instant favourite for me, she was witty and loveable and it made me appreciate her turn as one of the killers later. Danny/Cute guy was moody, mysterious and very sexy and that worked with Sam but as I've mentioned previously actor Josh didn't do much did he, that worried grimace seemed to just be on his mug the whole movie. Daddy cop had a great reveal, stood looking psychotic as his dead killer son's movie was playing behind him... and Sam stabbing him in the eyeball (after 20+ stabbings all over) because he "fucked with the family". Genius.

Main: Sam was overshadowed in the last movie by Tara's character mainly because of how insanely talented Jenna Ortega is but my god Melissa owned this one. It did feel soo pointed when the character mentioned everybody hating her and as a Sam/Melissa supporter, it hit me. I loved her in this and she played it so well that at the end when she was veering towards allowing her instinct to take over, I was ready for it and prepared for that to be what happens next. Obviously her dropping Billy's mask at the end signals that is done with now. Speaking of which I'm glad we didn't overdo the Skeet scenes, the reflection those two times was enough. No more please.

I appreciated the sisterly relationship so much in this, the way Jenna and Melissa bounce off each other in all their scenes was perfect. The way they both had reached that point of wanting to just fuck some shit up. First Tara saying "let me go" with that grin we saw in the trailer aimed at Billy's knife, before shoving the knife down Ritchie's brother's neck... then both sister's literally back to back with bricks on hand!!! AHHH ICONIC

Gale and Kirby both brought that sense of legend/legacy with them, Gale in her power suit getting thumped by Tara was a moment and of course her whole attack scene was truly one of the best and most thrilling sequences in the whole franchise - when she told Ghostface to "hold please" so she could redial the number I literally made a "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" audible sound in my seat and then she said "tell Sidney he didn't get me" after those stabbings I was ready to sob because it felt sooo perfect but I also didn't want that iconic character to go (so happy she survived).

Overall it gave me what I wanted, after Scream 2022 I was longing for some intense chases and cat & mouse type of scenes and this one was basically two hours of those, with some camp-ness and humour (Mindy getting her predictions wrong) thrown in. Speaking of Mindy that underground scene was in my opinion genuinely the scariest since the car scene in Scream 2. I can't wait to go see it again in a couple of weeks!
Seeing this film directly after 5 as a double bill in the cinema really highlighted just how much better VI is.

Melissa’s performance was 100x better and Sam really grew into her own in this film — everyone’s performances were strong, it got me crying a few times which I didn’t expect at all.

Also really enjoyed how much more brutal this film was compared to the others — the stakes felt so much higher and it was such a thrill. That opening scene in particular was wild!

Recency bias aside, fairly confident this is my favourite sequel in the entire franchise.
Last thing... Gale saying to the sisters "I told Sidney, she is with Mark and the kids she deserves her happy ending" at first I thought was very interesting, like the writers put it in to silence the Neve hardcores but it's also clearly a nod to that being ruined in the next one, do we think?
I mean yes they set up a family for her so if they get attacked Sidney returns but I hope we have a couple more years before that. Her kids could be teenagers.

Plus I really dig the new cast and this movie had nothing to do with Sidney and it actually worked. Now that they are „free“ why go back.

I want her to return but only in a couple of years.
So for me I really enjoyed it , but the only way I can explain it , it felt like a none scream scream movie , which I know sounds really odd.
It was super enjoyable they warmed the character of Sam up but for me she still fell short and came across wooden , there is nothing that makes me root for her .
I loved the anika character and her death really hit hard , its definitely more brutal throughout but the fact most of them got stabbed a stupid amount of times was ridiculous and was almost laughable, im guessing Chad is ment to be the new dewey .
But the showdown was great I kinda loved that they really hammed it up . It was great to see kirby back but what was with the smell the fart acting its like hayden forgot how to act ,tho she was great in act 3
But kirbys wig deserved its own credit it didn't move one bit abd was 2 inches off her head , even when she got lumped in the face , still it did not move , now that is iconic behaviour
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I just came from the screening and boy oh boy this one was strange. I enjoyed it but it is the least favorite one in the Scream franchise. And I know I am the only one. Don't judge me, please.

Pros :
- Sam finally being “likable” as a main protagonist which wasn't the case in 5.
- Tara has one of the most iconic lines and kills at the shrine.
- Bodega scene was okay-ish but the subway scene was AMAZING. I was on the edge of my seat, my heart was pounding. They did the best suspenseful scene I have seen in a while.
- Mindy and Chad were so great and cute. They elevated the movie in my opinion.
- Kirby was so well done even better than Gale in this movie. (or Sidney in 5)
- While I'm at Gale she has the best chase scene in the Scream franchise. Her hanging up on Ghostface was hilarious.

Cons (and there were a lot)

- Opening was the most underwhelming, most stupid, and bizarre at the same time. Those poor actors were used for nothing. I mean I get the idea of a student killing the teacher and then being killed. But everything was flat … like really. The suspense was not to be found anywhere. You know it's bad when some characters that were there just to be killed had a better backstory and kill than the opening. And that line “fuck movie trivia or movies” or something like that was ok because I guess they wanted to distance this sequel from the usual Scream pattern. Until they forgot about that mid-through the movie.
- I must say this. I know we are watching a slasher Scream movie but people surviving the most gruesome and most fatal stab wounds took me out of the movie. Near the end, it became a parody of itself. And I think they didn't want to be a parody. In the shrine's final scene, I was smiling at how nonsense it was.
Chad has multiple stab wounds and not just stab wounds but staaaaab wounds - survived, Gale has two stabs and also being IMPALED with a huge part of the glass - survived, poor Mindy, having been stabbed twice with the last one being so bad - survived, Tara having been stabbed twice once in the back and once in the gut and she was still kicking ass - survived. Also, they forgot she was stabbed in the gut at the end. It was hilarious. Anika being almost gut ripped apart was able to survive for so long. I mean come on.
I have a feeling that some of them were suposed to be dead but someone decided that they should all survive even thou the stabbing was so fatal. I smell studio interference.
- The motive was so bad and laughable. I was smiling through that awful monologue and bad acting that came from Dermot. It was so cringe. When they revealed that all of them are family and they are here to revenge Ritchie, I was ok the mother is the killer in the next one.
- Quinn surviving that brick hit in the head and not having a concussion had me laughing just to be shot in the head later on. Waste.
Ethan being stabbed trough the mouth and scare jump at the end was just like this is a parody. And I know Amber was in flames and survived to be the last scare but this one was bad.
- The new characters didn't have anything to bring into the story. You didn't have any attachment toward them. They were just meat.
I don't know maybe I'm too harsh but knowing this was continuation from 5 (which was a fresh air that this franchise needed) this one just reverted everything back. You could see they tried to be more serious and smart with the humor but they failed at the end when it became such a parody.
Scream 3 knew it was a parody this one doesn't know that it is a parody.
I know I will be the only one who thinks like this. And I enjoyed it for what it was. It has some great scenes but everything else could have been much much better.

My ranking :

Scream 2
Scream 5
Scream 4
Scream 3
Scream 6
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Quinn conveniently dying off screen and with that picture/video sent to the others like Amber in the previous one was a big red flag, just after she reveals her brother died?
And I never guessed one killer before, but come on!
Really enjoyed 6 and happy I managed to avoid spoilers (and this thread) for the past few months.

It definitely felt like a stronger movie than Scream 2022 and it was really nice to revisit these characters again.

I thought there were some really tense scenes, some great kills and gore and overall a really fun story that felt more fresh than the previous few entries.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t miss Sidney.
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