Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

I still don’t understand how that girl was able to fake her death and get away with it? Considering forensics were on the scene immediately.

I also wished they would fleshed out the backstory of the family and motive more. Like, who they were before and during the last film. We were just kinda expected to buy that they all just decided to snap together in union and go kill a bunch of people.

Also, the brutality and assassin like kills didn’t really match up with the killers for me (Maybe Bailey I guess) And again, maybe giving us context would of helped with that.

Like maybe if Bailey was already a serial killer outside of GhostFace in his own right, a la Dexter style, and raised his family in some sort super militant muderous cult. Maybe Ritchie strayed away from that style of killing and got seduced by the stab movies, which the family looked down on, as thought Ghost Face was giving the serial killers a bad name due to the novelty of it all and so they shunned him.

But now they feel guilty for shutting him out and wanted to finish what he started so they put on the mask as way to honour him. And they could of played off how his kids blindly followed him in his footsteps of violence whereas Sam chose her own path even though bloodlust in her veins.

Idk I know that sounds cheesy but I just wanted way more from the motive. What they gave us felt very lazy and sloppy imo. Like I feel like it worked for Ms. Loomis but it wast landing for me this time.

But I guess you have to suspend your belief with these films. I still enjoyed this and way more than 5 (which I didn’t like at all) and I loved Tara’s and Sam relationship in this. It was giving Buffy with Dawn.

I enjoyed the twins (a lot more than 5) but I was very much ready to say goodbye to them in this.
Ugh can you please work on 7? You pinpointed precisely and succinctly what was wrong with/missing from the motive reveal.

And concurring Dermot didn’t have the range for the ending. The unmasking was so egregiously disappointing.
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This was excellent until it fell apart with the weakest third act in the franchise. The best part was the amount of time spent on character development. I thought Gale had a much better arc here than 4 or 5 and I actually like that she didn’t appear in the third act. She served a purpose and wasn’t needed there. It made me more interested in where she could go from here. The scene in her apartment was also EXCELLENT. If we never see her again, they did her justice and finally gave her a perspective so we could see where she’s coming from. I’d love a sequel where they introduce some of her family.

Kirby was another concern for me and they did a great job. She still felt like Kirby, but older and more mature. I also think they tried to do a good job of making her a viable suspect, but Dermot’s acting was so bad that I knew it was him from the first scene.

The core four all shined here. I feel like this was their true first film. In 5 they had a lot of ground to cover, so besides Sam, I feel they weren’t fully fleshed out. Now they are and now is when a Scream 7 gets scary because I’m fully invested. Melissa Barrera also must’ve taken some acting classes because she was excellent throughout.

The set pieces were strong, I just wish that final act made more sense. The opening I thought was really clever and played out well. I was stunned when Ghostface took off his mask.
LOVED it. They all shined more than they did in the previous film.

I was so impressed with Melissa's performance. I just rewatched 5 the other day and she really didn't get the wheels turning until the third act. This one had her firing on all cylinders throughout and I was really rooting for her character regardless of her decisions. She definitely filled any void Neve left. Also her outfits were always so simple yet fun to see.

Jenna of course is a delight to watch on screen. Loved that she wasn't defenseless like she was in 5 and the mouth stabbing scene was absolutely brutal. W O W.

The twins were great here. I was really indifferent on Chad in 5 but I liked his role so much more in 6. Mindy was also just extremely fun to watch. Her humor in nearly every scene added so much flavor to the film.

My theater was making all sorts of oohs and ahhs when Hayden appeared. She by far had the most audience reaction and anytime I saw her on screen I could feel the serotonin kicking in. She's an absolute delight and was in it much more than I anticipated. The entire time I was cooking up in my head ideas about how she was really in on it with Jill and Charlie and was just looking to get her revenge. Glad that wasn't the case though. I do wish they had a bigger moment of Kirby reflecting on her friend being GF since we don't get to see her react to that in 4.

The Gale apartment scene was genuinely tense and I thought it was curtains for Miss Weathers. Who knows what they'll do with the survivors in 7.

Samara Weaving is such a star. I totally get her being the opening kill but wow does she light up a screen. We have Ready Or Not to thank for all of the goodness that is Scream 5/6.

Overall I'm happy to report I still have so much love for this franchise. This film felt really different from all of the rest yet had so many similarities to 2 that still made it feel like Scream. 7 is gonna be an absolute bloodbath.
Thinking this is the weakest scream confuses me?
For me the cons/the stuff I did not like were too big not to have them put aside. And that is ok. The majority of people loved it and that is what matters.

Also having Kirby be a “red herring” in the final scene and having her being hit/attacked off-screen was so lazy writing. They did that so they can set up and try to repeat that reveal scene in 5 when Amber shot Liv in the head. And it didn't have that impact.

The third act pulled the movie down so hard and all of the main and legacy characters being almost Superman-like just pulled me out of the movie.

I love the Scream franchise and I'm still surprised that this one left me thinking like this. Maybe I need to repeat the viewing. But if I need to repeat something to love it then it didn't succeed in the first place.
This really was just a bigger budget retread of 2. Kind of a similar motive from the mastermind. It didn't beat 1 or 2, it's in the middle to me. They need to swing for the fences with 7 and really gag us, because if they do a play on Scream 3 I wouldn't even know who the Roman in this new franchise would be.
I really enjoyed it. I loved the nods to 2 in that it was at a college with the final act taking place a theatre. I didn't ever really feel it was that scary - I barely jumped - but it was thrilling.

I guessed that Quinn would be a killer as soon as she mentioned losing a brother. No one else got a backstory line like that so immediately it was just obvious we were being fed some relevant info in a minor line. I didn't really get that she was supposed to be dead until they said she was though. It looked like she came running out of her bedroom to me. Ethan was rubbish all-round though and a very underwhelming revelation that he was a killer. I didn't mind the dad - I've seen loads of comments that his acting was bad but he hit the high camp in the this act the the killer usually has.

Sam was good but then I never had problems with her in 5. I actually found Tara really annoying in 5 but liked her in this one. Kirby was excellent, and I love how Gale got in that comment about her being a child becasue I was thinking the same thing that she can only be about 30 and seems young for an FBI agent. I wonder if much of Sid's lines went to Kirby? I also felt like they were setting up a Kirby and Mindy romance. The whole chat about horror movies felt very flirtatious.

The shop, subway and Gale's apartment scenes were all amazing. The opening scene was good and they did something different with it, but having Mindy then tell us the rules of extending the franchise to then not really do any of those things felt like it missed the mark a little.

It feels like Gale was originally written to be killed off. The fact we don't see her alive and it's just a "oh yeah Gale is gonna be ok" comment at the end seemed like an afterthought.

But it was a couple of hours of solid entertainment. It's better than 3 and 4, on par with 5 but nothing tops those first two for me.
Full long ass thoughts:

Opening scenes/kills: I loved that we were led into a usual "big name" kill which then flipped on it's head as the killer was unmasked in seconds after Samara Weaving's character was off'd... and then the fridge corpse (very 80s). My favourite thing about this is that in a small way it used the Ghostface cult idea we had heard about previously. Oh and the "who gives a FUCK about movies?!" made me chuckle.

New characters: Quinn was an instant favourite for me, she was witty and loveable and it made me appreciate her turn as one of the killers later. Danny/Cute guy was moody, mysterious and very sexy and that worked with Sam but as I've mentioned previously actor Josh didn't do much did he, that worried grimace seemed to just be on his mug the whole movie. Daddy cop had a great reveal, stood looking psychotic as his dead killer son's movie was playing behind him... and Sam stabbing him in the eyeball (after 20+ stabbings all over) because he "fucked with the family". Genius.

Main: Sam was overshadowed in the last movie by Tara's character mainly because of how insanely talented Jenna Ortega is but my god Melissa owned this one. It did feel soo pointed when the character mentioned everybody hating her and as a Sam/Melissa supporter, it hit me. I loved her in this and she played it so well that at the end when she was veering towards allowing her instinct to take over, I was ready for it and prepared for that to be what happens next. Obviously her dropping Billy's mask at the end signals that is done with now. Speaking of which I'm glad we didn't overdo the Skeet scenes, the reflection those two times was enough. No more please.

I appreciated the sisterly relationship so much in this, the way Jenna and Melissa bounce off each other in all their scenes was perfect. The way they both had reached that point of wanting to just fuck some shit up. First Tara saying "let me go" with that grin we saw in the trailer aimed at Billy's knife, before shoving the knife down Ritchie's brother's neck... then both sister's literally back to back with bricks on hand!!! AHHH ICONIC

Gale and Kirby both brought that sense of legend/legacy with them, Gale in her power suit getting thumped by Tara was a moment and of course her whole attack scene was truly one of the best and most thrilling sequences in the whole franchise - when she told Ghostface to "hold please" so she could redial the number I literally made a "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" audible sound in my seat and then she said "tell Sidney he didn't get me" after those stabbings I was ready to sob because it felt sooo perfect but I also didn't want that iconic character to go (so happy she survived).

Overall it gave me what I wanted, after Scream 2022 I was longing for some intense chases and cat & mouse type of scenes and this one was basically two hours of those, with some camp-ness and humour (Mindy getting her predictions wrong) thrown in. Speaking of Mindy that underground scene was in my opinion genuinely the scariest since the car scene in Scream 2. I can't wait to go see it again in a couple of weeks!

Yes to all this, basically.

I will just add that I think it was nice that for once it wasn't the boyfriend and that the main character got to have a somewhat happy ending in that respect. Usually the killer is the boyfriend or the boyfriend dies so I sort of liked that it didn't happen this time around.

At first I wasn't too sure if Kirby as FBI was going to work but I didn't hate it and it gave her a real purpose to be in this movie rather than her being shoe-horned in purely for fan service. I think they did a really great job of making you suspect Kirby for a moment there too. Even when they were being chased by Ghostface after Kirby disappeared I swore I could hear her grunting under the mask and the Ghostface looked smaller in height and I was quite surprised this was happening and then... well, it didn't but I was glad she got to have her moment at the end. I also love this video clip

Gale was amazing in this and I feel she had more to do that she did in 4 or 5. Like someone else said, it's just a shame we never got anything after seeing her going to the hospital.

I love Mindy and Chad now, more than before BUT Chad could no way have survived those stabbings. It was ridiculous. I get why they wanted to keep him alive but if that was the plan they should have made his 'kill' less full-on or done something off screen like in 5.

The reveals were good. Less predictable than 5 - I did suspect the cop and the son (although obviously didn't know it was his son). The other reveal was a shock as I assumed she was genuinely dead. For a second I did think it might be Stu haha.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. I like that they attempted to do some things differently here and I hope that continues on in future installments (by the way they have suggested they'd like to keep making these movies so I don't think there's any confirmation 7 would be the last or that this is an actually trilogy..?). I just think they need to switch up the killer reveals now. Maybe let Ghostface get away, maybe end on a cliffhanger storyline, I don't know but something needs to be refreshed there.
I mean yes they set up a family for her so if they get attacked Sidney returns but I hope we have a couple more years before that. Her kids could be teenagers.

Plus I really dig the new cast and this movie had nothing to do with Sidney and it actually worked. Now that they are „free“ why go back.

I want her to return but only in a couple of years.
Oh God, and her teenagers will end up being the killers won't they. "Why should Mom get all the fame and glory, what about US! What about what we've have to endure being 'Sidney Prescott's damaged kids'!!!"
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I actually don't see how Sidney would have made sense in this movie? I don't know if they did major re-writes after it was clear she wasn't going to be in it or if her role was only ever going to be like a cameo at the end but if they did have her in this I don't think it would have worked. Perhaps having her walking through the shrine area would have been cool but nothing else was related to her and it would have been like her putting herself in harms way for no actual reason.
Last thought - for 6 movies in, in a horror franchise, I think Scream 6 is great. Take any other horror franchise and by the time you've got to the 6th movie it's basically the point things have gone straight to video (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th). We should count ourselves lucky that the Scream movies, despite some of their flaws, are as good as they are, still being shown in cinemas and still attracting talent and well-known actors into the roles.

I just want this franchise to keep on going because even the weaker entries are still great fun.
Saw this last night and I really, really enjoyed it. The core four were all fantastic. 5cream struggled to establish all of them as well as the original trio, but by the time the credits rolled on this one they all felt like true franchise mainstays. The kills were all great, too. Brutal, gorey, shocking and just steering shy of gratuitous. The set pieces were amongst some of the best the franchise has done. The apartment/ladder scene is probably my favourite, with the subway scene coming in second. I was on edge the whole time!

I do think Chad should have bit the dust, and maybe someone else. It felt like the stakes weren’t as high as they were last time in that respect, given we lost Dewey before the final act. Gale worked very well here but she could have just as easily met her maker and it might have served the movie a bit better? That being said, if the consequences she suffered here for giving in to her selfishness and writing that damn book are dealt with in her next appearance then I’ll eat my words. I would miss her if she was gone, too. Also, the entire theatre laughed when she put GF on hold ddd. Truly her own “I’m bored” moment.

As far as GF reveals, this one didn’t fully work, for me. But it was all about Sam having her slasher moment so I’ll accept it.

Also, can Kirby please stick around forever? In terms of legacy characters she was handled incredibly well. There was a genuine love for her character that showed on screen. There was also an audible reaction when she first appeared. If we want to give Gale and Sid more of a break then Kirby would easily fit into the mentor type role for a while.

I can’t believe this franchise has stuck around and defied all expectations by keeping things fresh and interesting this far into its life. I can’t wait to see what it pulls out of the bag next time. I’m just as unsure of where the story could go next but I’m a lot less worried now.

My ranking at the moment falls into the same as the majority: 1>2>6>5>4>3.
I can’t believe the guy who plays Ethan is the same person who plays that Spider character in the Avatar sequel…
He was like 13 to 15 for Avatar (its complicated) vs 17 filming Scream. Just odd timing with the release dates being so close.

he's the kid on a bike in Avengers Endgame too
Ok can someone logically explain how the Quinn thing worked?

The dad says he switched the body - presumably with some other random victim, while she goes into hiding and carries out other killings as Ghostface. I assume she did the Mindy stabbings on the subway. It’s stupid because then the post-mortem would reveal its not Quinn but maybe the plan by then was that they’d carried out all other killings before anyone had noticed.