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Scream : The TV Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by superglowy, Apr 12, 2015.

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  2. Oh god, I'd rather Scream 5 than a crappy TV show stretching the genre too far.
  3. Me too but since 'Scream 4' flopped worse than a fish thrown out its bowl, it is dead as a movie franchise. I'd love it if this was good, a weekly scream-a-thon would be amazing, but its MTV! If it we're showtime I'd be optimistic, but an MTV show is probably gonna be shitty as fuck.

    I remain perched to be proven wrong though.
  4. Is it gonna be 20minute episodes? One film stretched over a series?

    They should just do 5cream and throw balls to the wall and kill off the originals and the series.
  5. I'm of two minds. On one hand I like that the Scream universe will live on, even if it is on TV but on the other, I hope it's better made than Teen Wolf which is fun but very cheesy and teen oriented. The Scream movies were always funny but never dumb or silly. Well not the first two ones, anyway.
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  6. I wish Netflix had bought the rights, I'm sure they could do something amazing with it.

    Anyway, Scream is one of my favourite movie franchises, too. I even lived for Scream 4! Count me in.
  7. Scream 4 was great, I love all the films but if I had to pick the weakest it'd be the third one. This TV series hasn't got me excited, Scream without Ghostface? Hmm. I hope I can be proven wrong but I think Netflix would've been a better fit or pretty much any cable network other than MTV.
  8. Hold up. There will be no Ghostface? How can Scream exist without Ghostface?
  9. I know!
  10. Uno


    Oh it's a 30m show (~22min with commercial)? What...?
  11. I've never liked the idea of doing a 'New Nightmare' with the Scream movies, but they could have and should have done it for the series.
  12. I'll hold judgement until I see it but from what I understand it's just going to be different scary stories each episode, right? Rather than one story over a season? Either way it's just using the Scream name and doesn't link in with the movies from what I've read.

    I liked Scream 4 so was definitely up for a new trilogy. I would have loved Hayden to take over from Neve as the lead. Ah, well.

    And yes, Scream 3 is the worst of them all.
  13. Scream 3 can't compare to the first two, but it has its own unique charms. Parker Posey was hilarious, and I just loved how campy it all was.


    Fucking loved Parker Posey in it.
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  15. I must have replayed this scene about fifteen times the first time I watched it. I was cackling the entire time.
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  16. Where do you get that from? IMDB says 45 minutes. Really don't want it to be 22 minutes long.
  17. Meh (?)

  18. I'm not gonna judge a teaser 'cause I want this to be good but it really looks... basic? Like any other teen show.

    This clip is a little bit better.

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    I enjoyed it; I'm a bit more excited about it. I don't mind the cheesy teeny acting; color me excited.
  20. I can understand them not wanting Ghostface running around in every episode, but the mask is iconic and should be featured. It isn't Scream without it.

    I like the idea of exploring the town and the people in it, and for other murderers, kidnappers and psychopaths to be on the loose, but it needs something more to tie it to the events of the films, ideally topping and tailing the series.
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