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Scream : The TV Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by superglowy, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. #JusticeforBrooke
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  2. I will try and keep an open mind as I am sure the descriptions of the characters from season 1 would have sounded lame in print too.
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  3. Uno


    They sound like typical high school tropes - calm down', y'all.
  4. We'll see...
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  5. I don't know why you're all freaking out. Every character bar Brooke was shit and the actors were terrible. I'm not saying the new cast will be better, but I'm sure it won't be worse. I also didn't really care about the Brandon James mystery (I've forgotten all about it teebs) so I'm not too bothered about them ditching it.
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  6. It sounds like 'One Tree Hill - Horror Edition', in what world is that a good thing?
  7. So... just like season 1?
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  8. And was Season 1 a good thing?
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  9. No, no, but I mean... it's a teen slasher show on MTV, I'm sure no one is expecting great characters. I just want it to be trashy fun and not tarnish the franchise any more than Season 1 and 2 did.
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  10. Are goths still a thing? I thought they evolved into emos around 2005 and then just, like, died out. And they're doing the whole #diversity thing with season 3 and have two lead black characters called Dion and Jamal?

    There's something about this that just seems a little... ham-fisted? I dunno.
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  11. Those descriptions sound as if they were written by a teen for an English exam. Tragic.
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  13. It sounds so messy but I'll be watching anyway. I think it'll be cancelled soon enough so might as well stick with it.
  14. I binged seasons 1 & 2 a couple weeks back. Season 1 was the bomb and Audrey was always the star of the show for moi.
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  15. Casting Tyga isn't much of a selling point.
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  16. All I could think of:
  17. They could have at least done it that the first episode wrapped up the older characters and we move on to the next.
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