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Sebastien Tellier - Divine for France

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by davahu, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. This is a weird choice, great song but not what I would expect for France to send. A bit of a risky career move for him also.
  2. I love it! It is a deviation from the usual French ballad yet this is what I think of when I think "French pop music".

    Regardless of where it finishes, Eurovision 2008 has just been saved for me.
  3. His fanbase should certainly ensure that France have their best result since 2002.
  4. Shocking! An English song from France! Has this ever happened before?
  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    It has not. It is the first French entry to be sung entirely in English.
  6. Jo Whiley just played it - it is absolutely amazing, but Eurovision won't get it at all.
  7. Heyyyy...this song is really cool! I think we should all show some solidarity and get behind France this year and give one of the "big four" a chance!
  8. The French entry made the BBC website, Times newspaper and Channel 4 news today...on account of it being the first English language entry from France. And Radio 1 played it again this afternoon in full. Strange days indeed.
  9. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    This easily gets my vote.
  10. I wonder how they'll do the slow down silence bit. It'll either be great or awful.
  11. Apparently, he is going to sing a part of Divine in french for the eurovision...
  12. Steveweiser, I think it's more a case of Tellier and his supporters not getting Eurovision at all. Have you seen his live rehearsal performance of this song ? It's on YouTube. His backing singers are off key and he makes barely any attempt to connect with the crowd or the TV cameras. In fact he looks as if he does not know what to do on the stage. At least 30 of the other countries have performers with much stronger voices, including the UK. As a studio single it's nice, but Eurovision is much more about live performance and clearly that isn't Sebastian’s forté. If it loses it will be for the reasons listed above and not because of a pre-determined "Eurovisionâ€￾ bias to which you seem to be alluding.
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