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Sebastien Tellier to represent France in Eurovision

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by davahu, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. EEEEEEEEEHHHH???? Isn't he too cool for this kind of thing?

    He's taking an english version iof the song Divine to Belgrade.
  2. Its going to be a great mess this year, with the turkey representing Ireland - the Eurovision has gone all post modern on our asses (as Sandra Bernhard would say)
  3. Is that "official"?...

    Sébastien is an amazing singer/songwriter, and more generally a man of great taste.

    "Divine" is beautiful. I hope he won't try to make it too "tongue-in-cheek" with too much attitude and too obvious vintage visual effects (I don't like "Sexuality" artwork for that reason). He sometimes annoys me with his irony (or more accurately, his ironic irony).
  4. He's no Cerrone though!
  5. This is gonna be great, if true.
  6. Tellier and the possible Spanish entry La Casa Azul are very cool....quite surprising really.
  7. and the best we could get is a binman!
  8. The choice has not been made yet...he's still fighting against Tina Arena, Laam and others poor french artists...
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest


    I met her after the Reinvention Tour in Paris haha.
    I told my friend 'wait there's a woman in a hat and glasses and people take her photo' so I jumped in, played the fan and got an autograph too. Loser!
  10. They should just send Yelle.
  11. You are simply a pop snob! You bought into it because NME gave it 8/10 or whatever and now it's in Eurovision it's no longer 'cool'. :P ;)
  12. You're probably right (in principle). I am being a pop snob. I hate that. Why should I care? I hate myself! I love the song. But Eurovision? It’s up against a puppet turkey.

    Sorry, my initial comment was accidentally deleted:
    This is a brilliant lesson in pop snobbery.
    I love Divine by Sebastien Tellier. Pop brilliance. But now I think its Eurovision entry has “cheapenedâ€￾ it. Am I being a pop snob or is context important? I like to think I’m above “what other people thinkâ€￾ but this one has confused me.
  13. I'm sure you will be ok. And I know the reason you don't like Divine anymore is because you secretly want the Croatian entry to win ;)
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