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Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (now), Stranger Things (November)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, May 6, 2015.

  1. Anybody had any experience with Secret Cinema and their increasingly more elaborate (and expensive) themed screenings?

    I went to the Back to the Future event last year and loved it, and I'm going to The Empire Strikes Back one in just over a month.

    I registered with the Rebel X website today and got my identity for the night, Ibrahim Talon, Galactic Explorer. They're suggesting I dress something like Luke in A New Hope. Other people are being asked to put together outfits in the spirit of Han, Leia, Obi Wan and a Rebel pilot. Should be a lot of fun, but at £78 a ticket it had better be.
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  2. Re: Secret Cinema events

    I'm going at the beginning of July. I haven't registered with the Rebel X website yet. I actually have a Jedi cloak that I wore for a superhero party last year and wore it again for 4th May just gone -

    I hope I get a character like a Jedi. I can't be bothered to spend more money.
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  3. Re: Secret Cinema events

    I'm not a fan of fancy dress. Instead I have commissioned a massive silver Storntrooper ring from these amazing jewellers in New Zealand for the event
  4. Re: Secret Cinema events

    I was considering this but the price is ridiculous. £78 quid to watch Empire Strikes Back? Madness.
  5. Re: Secret Cinema events

    It is a lot, but and, as someone who would rather have my liver removed than go to a festival, it's a good summer day out with friends
  6. Re: Secret Cinema events

    It is expensive, but it's so much more than a screening. You're essentially moving freely through a live theatre event which culminates in a showing of the film, which is punctuated by a series of live reenactments while you watch. I had the best time last year and didn't want it to end.

    When you register it asks you to answer a series of questions with a number from one to ten. It's fairly easy to work out which question refers to which identity. I've somehow been given two different ones as the page froze and I'm tempted to go with the Jedi-style one instead because I don't want to end up looking like Uncle Owen!

    That ring sounds awesome but to be honest you'll feel out of place if you don't dress the part. I spoke to lots of people in jeans and t-shirts last year who were wishing they'd done something. It doesn't have to be elaborate, a top and trousers in "random background Star Wars person grey, brown or khaki" would be enough.
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  7. Re: Secret Cinema events

    I am also going to wear a Stormtrooper gauntlet and glove on the other hand/arm.
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  8. Hot on the heels of their top-secret Dr Strangelove experience Secret Cinema are planning to bring 28 Days Later to life.

    I think that article has got it a bit wrong - SC have said they're doing an event outside of London in the near future but they haven't said it will also be 28 Days Later.
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  9. Anyone here doing Stranger Things in the autumn or Casino Royale over the summer?
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