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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. SECRET ARE AMAZING. I will update this later.

    Don't you just love Secret?

    I'm going to tell you a secret~!

    [email protected]@~~~
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  2. I love Secret and I love Hyosung and Sunhwa! I never really cared for them until Love is Move came out then I saw the light and realized they were amazing.
  3. How could you not like the almighty Madonna dance routine?! Hyosung is amazing, she is such a sexbeast.
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  4. They have like 1, maybe 2 good tunes.
  5. GET OUT
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  6. Ji Eun - Fab
    Zinger - Fab
    Sunhwa - Fab
    Hyosung - Fab

    I love all of their singles and Starlight Moonlight is one of the best songs of the year.
  7. 3Xs


    Yup. Too bad after Madonna they went all cutesy and awful on us. Love is Move was back in the right direction but the song itself was forgettable. These girls + 4minute were the real big disappointments of 2011 for me.
  8. Zinger is like the most amazing girl, I adore her to bits.
  9. That Madonna track is constantly in my head, I don't want it to leave my head, I love it.
  10. ^ Hyosung + Beyonce's Naughty Girl & Crazy In Love= amazingness. I wouldn't mind her going solo.
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