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Selena Gomez - “999” + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. RMK


    It’s safe to say she’s gearing up for another album. Debatably her seventh, she’d say her third.

    Revelación seemed to be a change of pace for her in terms of inspiration and visuals. Hopefully she keeps that energy.
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  2. She can keep it.
  3. RMK


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  4. Surprisingly got a loT of milage out of Revelación—Vicio being the standout. My perched is elevated....
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  5. The way she talks about music / performing here is such a trip dddd.
  6. Can someone please interview ha and ask why she thinks she's only released 2 solo albums? It's getting weird.
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  7. The way she keeps pretending The Scene albums & Stars Dance don’t exist is frustrating but I imagine she doesn’t have very good memories of her time with Disney.
  8. She’s explained that Revival was the first album where she co-signed a lot of the music she put out and had creative control.
  9. I get this line of thought... but it doesn't erase all the other albums nn
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  10. This Stars Dance erasure is absolutely bonkers considering it’s a solid album and the only one where she actually put in some effort and looked like she wanted to be a pop star. So much hate.
  11. I enjoyed Rare (Deluxe Edition) a lot and still use it nowadays so I’m excited to see what she serves this time. But she’s at her best when she does dark pop. For me anyway.
  12. Pretty sure she threw Revival under the bus as well?
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  13. This seems like a waste of everyone's time.
  14. Just the album cover, if I'm not mistaken.

    It's good to know that she at least acknowledges her best song (Love You Like A Love Song) as one of her favorites.
  15. Also why retcon 4 albums if you're gonna still perform songs off them? Like artists have disowned stuff in the past, but they leave it in the past. How are you gonna disown 4 albums and still perform songs from your actual debut like Naturally with a straight face?
  16. RMK


    She specifically avoids certain songs, though. Album erasure is a bit ridiculous, but she always said the original Come & Get It felt like a Rihanna song, so she revamped the mix for tour. I'm sure different songs mean different things.
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  17. History is made up of hit songs initially meant for another artist. Imagine if Britney refused to perform Toxic because someone played it for Kylie Minogue once. She's being ridiculous.
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  18. More of this for the next album!

  19. She’s teasing something and Cardi B might be involved.

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  20. I actually really like Rare and still use it alot, I haven't listened to all of Revelación yet but I really liked what I've heard. It felt like she'd finally found a sound for her that worked, so I'm a bit perched for this.
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