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Selena Gomez - “999” + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. Meh, I get the context, but she’s still allowed to get annoyed by it, especially since it was obviously a traumatic experience for her. Her statement was a bit extra though and she should’ve approached it a different way, if she really felt the need to mention it.
  2. The Good Fight literally brought it up as a reference to the outrage over the very Saved By The Bell moment you mention.

    It’s pretty clear the point was completely missed by Selena and her fans, which isn’t surprising considering the exploitative depiction of sexual assault and suicide that dominated the last scripted show she was attached to… and never apologized for.
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  3. Disagreed. I think you missed the point here, actually. It’s not as tasteless as the others but they’re still making a joke out of it. I think the person mentioned is allowed to comment on that.

    However, I do agree with the latter. Probably the most disappointing thing she’s done and more annoying cause I still don’t think she gets it…
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  4. The mere mention of something does not make it a joke. As I previously said, it was brought up as something to not joke about. We can agree to disagree, but I’m also getting the sense you have not watched the episode.
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  5. Well, she could feel uncomfortable at her being mentioned at all in that context, which she's entitled to. But, she could've said just that or maybe just reached out to the show privately that she didn't like it, instead of framing it so provocatively.
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  6. I understand what you mean. It wasn’t set up like a joke but it was in poor taste. They could say “okay we can’t tell jokes about Britney shaving her head” and even though that’s not a ‘joke’, they’re still poking fun at something.

    Just because they preface it with “we can’t joke about” doesn’t negate that it’s distasteful. Like saying “no offence” before something doesn’t suddenly make it not offensive. I think that’s why everyone, including Selena, is upset is all.
  7. Anyways, I'm hoping for some more 'fetish' type shit too. Give us your cocky era.
  8. She’s covering the September issue of ELLE Magazine:

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  9. New single with Camilo is out this Friday. I guess this is the start of the campaign for album four?

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  11. 999 is out now!

  12. It's cute! The video is nice, all the colors made me think of the Love You Like A Love Song video.
    I wonder if this is for a full Spanish album or something else?
  13. It doesn’t touch anything on Revelación, but it’s cute.
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  14. New collaboration with Coldplay is out October 15th:

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