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Selena Gomez - “999” + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. She actually sounds better in the performance than the studio version.
  2. RMK


    West Side Story sample.

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  3. She has been working constantly this year. So Much music and tv. Im super excited for I feel Pretty.
  4. She would have had another #1 had she gone with Souvenir but I understand choices were made.
  5. RMK


    People think 'I Feel Pretty' is apart of the Sound of Music soundtrack, and coming extremely soon.

  6. Full article:

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  7. I'm glad she's receiving positive recognition for her music and film career. Not that these awards should mean much for artists but I've noticed that she's not very confident when it comes to her work and these awards can help her to appreciate her abilities more.
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  8. She also mentions that new music is coming soon in that Variety article:

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  9. Are you sure they didn't mean the West Side Story soundtrack? As that's the musical the song is from? Unsure if something is happening with the Sound of Music but I wouldn't be surprised if that was rebooted.
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    No, it's totally West Side Story. I just was thinking about something else at the time (mess)
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  11. Fetish is amazing!
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  12. I’m genuinely so happy for her to get the Grammy nomination & the inevitable Emmy nomination (which is near guaranteed at this point). She is brilliant in Only Murders In The Building & her music deserved a Grammy nomination before now. I can’t imagine how over the moon she must be feeling just now, thrilled for her.
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  13. I'm having a real revival with Rare at the moment. It's a great album. Except for Ring. That one's shit.
  14. Rare has become such a comfort album for me during these times. It's softness has been really touching for me - and some of the lyrics hit my neurodivergent anxious ass a little too hard teebs.
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    This, it's really an introspective moment. And it aligns exactly with her struggles and own personality. Everyone wants to downplay her work ethic a bit or act like she's just a writing camp girlie, but Rare definitely has her DNA throughout. Revival has more highs (and is arguably better), but there's a clear through line from one to the other and identity in Rare.
  16. Speaking of Revival I had such a moment with Camouflage the other day. People downplay her skills as a vocalist but at a certain type of song she can really excel and capture an emotion perfectly. That song inparticular is just achingly beautiful.
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  17. Both Rare and Revival are albums that are such a good go to for a calming reassuring listen. Kind of like your favourite old tv show or movie that you stick on when you want a bit of comfort, but they’re recent!
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