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Selena Gomez - “999” + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. I loved the 1-2 punch of Fetish and Bad Liar. She didn’t completely pull it off, but the persona she put on for these was interesting if only for a few kiis. Songs are great to these ears, too.
  2. Why do I feel like there was a whole album ready to go with Bad Liar and Fetish and somehow she just redid the whole thing after they underperformed?
  3. I think there was - but the Kidney transplant killed what was left of the era - then she sort of lost confidence and had to take a few years out to get fully healthy again (when she released those collabs to keep her name out) - by which time the songs from that album weren't where her headspace was so she wrote/recorded new ones. I think a few like Kinda Crazy and possibly Rare still remain from those sessions.
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  4. RMK


    There's a list somewhere (I probably posted it dd) of songs that were initially for the Fetish/Bad Liar version, and it was quite a few. Cut You Off, Kinda Crazy, Rare, Feel Me are some that come to mind. Crowded Room and Sweeter Place both seem like cuts she had for awhile too.

    That's why when it came around to the deluxe re-release, it's odd she didn't just tack those two singles on there along with It Ain't Me, Wolves, and Back To You. They're just sitting.
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  5. It's lovely! But I think Nobody is her best ballad. Crazy that it was just a bonus track. She sounds gorgeous.
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    That was a beautiful video. Let Somebody Go doesn't sound like a particularly huge song, but hopefully it can do something at radio for her.
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  7. She’s hosting SNL next Saturday!

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    If she does well, this will be a really big night for her.
  10. Yup! Wonder if she’ll get an Emmy nomination this year too?
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  11. 5 years (!!!) of Bad Liar!

  12. Legend is coming to shake the table.
  13. I'm so excited. I hope she makes up for all the subpar material she's put out this past year and decides to become the excellent pop star she once was.
  14. But she hasn't released solo music in over a year...And no pop English music since early 2020?
  15. I was referring to the Spanish EP which wasn't good imo and the Camilo and Coldplay songs.
  16. RMK


    I feel like her name has lost some steam because for awhile she was jumping on everything, and nothing was really that great. Even the Coldplay collaboration (which is decent) didn't do much.

    I'm really eager to see how this is shaping up. I'm happy they scrapped this song she was teasing on TikTok.

  17. [​IMG]
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