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Selena Gomez - Assorted Ok Songs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. RJF


    What exactly is your issue or your point here that, from what I can gather, has absolutely nothing to do with my original post? I don't doubt what she went through was tough and terrifying and I've actually appreciated how candid she's been in terms of showing her scar to the world and talking about body confidence in terms of it.

    I don't think her going, "I almost DIED!!!!" to every camera in front of her makes "Bad Liar" or really, anything she's done in terms of the things that are meant to justify having any kind of platform, at all good or worthy of praise. Even in her acceptence speech she was like, "maybe I'll make an album next year", yeah, that sure would be handy when you're getting awards for being music's woman of the year for surviving a liver transplant and having a lot of Instagram follower and answering questions on Woody Allen atrociously.
  2. Her solo stuff is quite good and to varying degrees both Fetish and Bad Liar, were musical (and visual) risks that not many of her peers would take. This is offset however by her DJ features which stay being the most basic, 2013-Avicii leftover knock offs peddled to white girls who didnt get Coachella tickets.
  3. RMK


    You guys do too much, but whats new.
  4. Is anyone really under the illusion that she'll ever finish a tour?
  5. Random Anecdote Time:

    My friend’s in med school and when I was catching up with her this past weekend she told me her professor dragged Selena in an anatomy lecture for becoming some kind of spokesperson for lupus when the reason she had to have a kidney transplant was likely because her doctor fucked up her medical care. Apparently there’s no reason it should’ve gotten to that point where she needed a transplant, and the way she’s been spreading misinformation about the disease could be harmful despite the increased awareness she’s bringing.
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  6. Your tone indicates you're very angry about this whole situation and I'm struggling to understand why?
  7. It’s just the sexual tension between @RJF and @Someboy spilling over again.
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  8. RJF


    I'm sorry you're struggling.
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    Each time she has had a tour she's had lupus. Her lupus has a small small chance of coming back now after the transplant, and her team will definitely make it a smaller tour date-wise.
  10. Okay so I know y'all are arguing about something again but I remixed "Wolves" and tried to turn it into "Anywhere."
  11. Kii, but she's "using her voice for something that fucking matters"!
  12. This is not true. Lupus has different degrees of severity which depend on multiple factors. Every patient’s clinical course is variable and there is no reliable way to predict a single patient’s outcome. It’s actually appalling that someone would pass judgement on her or her physicians from afar. Let alone an anatomy professor, who are usually long out of practice (if they ever were medical doctors to begin with), and are certainly not rheumatologists.
  13. I mean I doubt they would have let her talk at the Lupus Research Alliance Gala if her case was completely irrelevant to the disease.

    Still, it's annoying how she always gets a pass from the media. No criticism towards her music - even when it's basic or just shit - or when she makes incredibly stupid statements ("use your voice for something that fucking matters" and the Woody Allen comment, come to mind).
    It's Selena, she's a sweetheart. End of the story.
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  14. Yeah, i do not care about Selena's music but an anatomy professor is taking cheap shots about a rheumatologist is a kii and a half. Anatomy professors do not even work in clinical medicine. Let alone having the degree to treat or judge from afar those who can. Lupus can manifest itself in multiple ways and kidney failures are pretty common to see.
  15. Can we go back to dragging her awful comments about Woody Allen instead of playing stan doctor and diagnosing her?
  16. I'm not trying to be a stan doctor as i'm not a stan of hers, just wanted to point out my thoughts about that situation.

    She is horrible and daft so what is new really?
  17. When will the little managers?
  18. No I was agreeing with you!
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  19. Wow, the universe works in interesting ways.
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