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Selena Gomez - Fourth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. RMK


    Announcements of announcements seem to be the trend lately, so that's why I'm expecting. Perched if she just surprise drops a single, there isn't much competition this week.

    C***** isn't real competition, and her career isn't in a good spot.
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  2. Well, Kanye and The Kid LAROI are dropping projects. Yung Bleu isn’t a super big name but I think his project could do well this week if it connects with his audience. I’d argue it’s a pretty busy week even if those artists and their fanbases aren’t part of Selena’s main demographics.
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  3. The source code says it will display 'It's too late...' when the countdown ends.

    Cardi isn't involved.
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  4. Cardi is prob being paid per tweet by these girls' teams nn
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  5. I'm still fascinated by the potential that this album could've had teebs, it's a shame she abandoned the one lane that really worked for her!
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  6. Apparently there was even an album with Fetish and Bad Liar in the works. Leland who co-wrote Fetish and Rare’s title track was apparently working on material with Allie X for what eventually became Rare.
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  7. I just need another 'Good For You'
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  8. RMK


    The font is still her logo from the Revelacion, maybe it doesn’t signal another era.
  9. Fetish really was a moment for her. I was so excited for that album to come to fruition. It would have been her best project to date.
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  10. I actually really like Rare, but I know she has a weird, dark, Fetish inspired alt-pop album in her. I hope we get it one day.
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  11. I’ll add to the chorus. Fetish was the first time in a long time I was excited for Selena music given how dark and sensual it was. Give me that album!
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