Selena Gomez - "Love On" + General Existence

I think the song sounds so promising in the first minute, but it needed a drastic change up and a heightened sense of urgency starting in the second chorus to really capture that 2000s teen movie main character vibe the song is on the brink of achieving.

This is going to smash though and benefit from a feature.
It's a fine song, but it is kinda wild how her singing and acting abilities tanked sometime around 2012. She actually had a spark pre-then that just... disappeared bar a song every few years.
Video is cute and fun, the song is not...
Flat as a pancake.
I fell asleep.
I like this for what it is. A cute throwaway summer bop.

It’s not strong enough to be a lead single for an album campaign though, I don’t think anyway.
This is literally nothing. It's almost hilarious.
This sounds like one of those royalty free songs they play on Selling Sunset, ya know?
Yeah it's totally flat but I wouldn't turn it off if it came on.
Why does this sound like one of those snippets of a chorus that some stans extended to 3 mins and passed off as a legitimate leak?