Selena Gomez - "Love On" + General Existence

This kind of feels like her Flowers. Perfectly pleasant, completely inoffensive, with a simple, relatable message the GP can latch on to. Just need the stans to start spreading some wild theories about how this is totally about The Weeknd or something and she's got a smash on her hands.
Not sure if it's been discussed before but this song has been with Selena as far back as 2017. I'm guessing it's been re-worked since then but it does sound dated.
I think she sounds fine compared to her recent output, but there’s no personality in her performance. It’s just kinda flat. I think it would be a 10 if the vocal was closer to what she does on “I Want You to Know”. I don’t know if it’s anything I’ll have on repeat, but it’s decent enough.