Selena Gomez - "Love On" + General Existence

This song is just bizarre? I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it eventually but the pacing, vocals and lyrics are jarring.
This is fun! It’s the most lively she’s sounded for a while.

The “””spoken word””” bit (don’t start!) is admittedly a bit jarring, but at least it’s sonically interesting. It grabs your attention, it flows nicely into the pre chorus that she runs out of breath finishing but I think it’s a light little summery bop.

Conversing over steak tar tar? Fetish who!

It’s serving Cheryl, it’s serving Rita, it’s serving Dua debut, it’s serving Jonas Brothers but CAMP!

Tap your foot girls, give into the vapid just a little bit!
But Dua's debut was quite good?