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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. RJF


    I am not only fully braced for, but fully expecting 4-star glowing "Selena Gomez proves why she's one of our generation's most fearless innovators." reviews, because almost everyone writing about pop music professionally is a moron.
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  2. RMK


    Not the Senior Digital Marketing Director at Interscope responding to these descriptions like this (dd).
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  3. People who leak or share previously unleaked material and information and then attempt to pull some moral high-ground like they actually own it annoy me no end.
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  4. I'm still shook that all of our trusted insiders have info for artists across all labels (Universal, Warner and Sony). I wonder what kind of job can give you access to all this information from three competing multinationals. It's kinda badass.
  5. Except you. Girl we saw those write ups. If that ain’t professional, I don’t know what is.
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  6. They could work for one of the streaming platforms, radio agencies or in journalism so they would receive early copies.
  7. It can only be Spotify or Apple Music.
    Or the company that you send songs to get them uploaded everywhere.
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  8. RMK


    The Britney comparisons have been a kii but, on an actual note, Selena being such a huge figure so young and wanting a more ‘ordinary’ life reminds me a lot of her.

    The full interview also reveals more about her complications during surgery. She woke up during the kidney transplant only to go back under for seven hours. She also doesn’t align with Hillsong anymore.
  9. What’s wrong not liking trap/urban music?
  10. I'd shut up shop now if I were you sis.
  11. I expect the media to give her generous reviews even if the material isn’t amazing. I’m intrigued as to the sound of the album as the two tracks I’ve heard are so different.
  12. God I hope so.
    I mean I'll like it no matter what, but if it actually ends up being better than we're expecting it's more fun for me. Like with Lover.
  13. How is someone with an Ariana Grande avatar consistently complaining about the girls releasing "trap/urban music" and "American type productions"..... have you heard your fave's music?????
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  14. That album (thank u next) came out nearly a year ago, i love Ariana , but i am sick of the trap trend and appreciate people who are willing to put out a different sound in 2020.
    Anyways, my post was trying to be positive about Selena and the album. Sorry for not liking a music genre, it’s called personal taste.
  15. Ok but surely you can see the issue with dismissing the entirety of ‘trap/urban music’ while stanning out for a white woman whose music is largely informed by those sounds, no?
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  16. “I hated rap until Iggy Azalea came along and put the genre on the map” teas.
  17. I see the point but i am that type of stan that prefers Ariana on pop/R&B records rather than trap leaning ones.
    I enjoyed Sweetener, Thank u next and the droplets, but i became saturated by the sound and appreciate a bit of fresh air.
  18. I never said i hated trap, i became saturated because mainstream music is basically trap-pop.
    If you like a type of food and you eat it every day you eventually want something else.
  19. From Selena Gomez releasing another batch of Julia Michaels demos?
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