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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. RJF


  2. Monopoly, the charlies angel single and Boyfriend. They were cute for a moment (just for a moment)
  4. You know you could just stop replying. The more you try and justify it the worse you're making it.
  5. I'll be... satisfied if I can take away more than five songs from this.

    Well... let's start with three, first.
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  6. In my head this is Peter shade.

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  7. Y’all expecting this not to be shit when you could...
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  8. I remember when Britney said about her... "she´s spanish and she´s a baby".

  9. Hoping Feel Me sounds OK, that's all I take probably. The leak is good.
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  10. The album has left the station.
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  11. Let Me Get Me is the Stars Dance like bop I was hoping for! Definitely for keeps. The title track is cute. Listening to the rest now.
  12. I'm going into this album blind (in the same way I did Revival and wow, what a moment that was!) so I'm interested to see what the album is like.
  13. Let Me Get Me indeed slaps a bit.

    I don't have time tonight to listen to the whole album but at least I know I can take this song and run.
  14. Yet some people will still have a side of white mayonnaise with almost anything.

    I guess you and Selena have that in common momma. A true stan!
  15. Does it remind you of Björk though?
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  16. No.
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  17. Dance Again is a proper bop! Ring is cute, but I could do without it. Sounds like the opening theme to a US produced Telenovela. Vulnerable is amazing! I get the Robyn comparisons with this one. It is a really nicely produced mellow synth pop track. People You Know is good. Might be a grower! I like the production on it and it has a nice build up to the bridge. Crowded Room and Kinda Crazy do nothing for me and sound pretty boring. Fun definitely takes inspiration from Bad Liar, but the latter is infinitely better! Cut You Off is very Julia Michales in a good way. A solid track. A Sweeter Place is a nice ending to the album. Very electro synth pop, great production and the vocal production is also quite intriguing here. Kid Cudi is completely useless on it though.

    All in all I would say this is a very decent album with a pretty amazing first half and a more forgettable second half. It's not as good as Revival, but much better than expected and that people will probably give it credit for. For me it's a solid 7/10 and it could have been a 8/10, if they had included Bad Liar, Fetish and Feel Me.
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  18. Just heard the title track and Dance Again. The first is quite amazing and I think she changed some things from the original Madison Love demo.
  19. The extent of her talents.
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  20. The album really surprised me, this is full of bops.

    'A Sweeter Place' gave me some 'Good For You' vibes and I am LIVING
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