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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. I always seem to stream and go back to A Sweeter Place. It's like a tranquilized version of Fetish.
    I don't mind it at all. It's a good song.
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  2. R27


    I never really heard the Feel Me demo, so o can really contribute to that discussion, but honestly I think I like this better than anything on the actual album.

  3. I love how the song is "Dance Again" and she does little to no dancing. Oh Selena...
  4. RMK


    It's also an advert for a Basketball game, not a music video.
  5. All of you who feel like Lose You To Love Me would be a better song if it had a better singer? You were right.
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  6. That's because it is.
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  7. I'm really enjoying this album ddd especially tracks 1-8.
  8. Wasn’t there supposed to be a re-release at some point. I just noticed a “bonus track version” of the album on iTunes with Free Me tagged at the end as a bonus track. Surely this isn’t the re-release that was posted a couple of pages back, right?
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  9. It's a trick for streaming platforms, putting the song on an album means the streams contribute to its sales, and the song gets more plays from people listening to the album in sequence.
  10. New version of Rare is out....and it's quite nice....
  11. Ohhhh I love this.
  12. This sounds absolutely lovely. I love the added backing vocals and harmonies at the end.
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  13. It sounds so empty without crowd noises.
  14. I actually love Feel Me and I'm pleased it's getting more attention.
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  15. Every time I see this thread title I am reminded of the superior Gwen Stefani track.

  16. Kelly Clarkson is a very nice person.
  17. One of her best songs! And yes, the title reminds me of Gwen’s superior song as well.
  18. I honestly love Selena. She's the one friend who's not particularly good at what she does but you can't help but root for her.
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