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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Even though she didn't sing in the video nor did she actually write the lyrics she's talking about, I like that she actually went into some details about the lyrics and what they mean to her.
  2. She couldn't even sing in an interview where 99% of the people interviewed sing ffff I cannot stand her sometimes!
  3. I think she was singing actually.
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  4. I feel Ring is my favourite track off this. The simple yet effective melody, the sassy lyrics and that Santana-esque final chorus. One of the few songs on the album where the whole minimalism angle works.
  5. How can she sound so alive on a song like Hit The Lights but now she sounds so...Miss Keisha?
  6. Is this how Lanas spoken word album might sound?
  7. Her voice is liquid valium. No ma'am.
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  8. I am losing my fucking mind at this Jesus Christ
  9. Is she the only artist to just speak her lyrics at a Genius video... It's so dumb.
  10. A good half of this album is still pretty good for me. Crowded Room and Vulnerable are some of my most played the past few months.
  11. Troye spoke his lyrics too.
  12. Maybe @aux was right.

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  13. Back when Genius first started doing their Verified series, artists would most frequently recite their lyrics. The site was originally oriented towards a hip-hop audience, so most of the guests were rappers. It was only over the past few years that it became much more common for guest singers to perform the lyrics acapella.
  14. Wait...
  15. Selena isn't a singer, y'all. She's an ASMR vocalist. There's a difference.
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  16. Annie is such an influence on everyone these days!
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  17. "Performance Video" Now sis...
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