Selena Gomez - Rare

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They've completely retooled the tracklist order for the deluxe. Not opening with Rare anymore is a choice. Opening with Boyfriend is a major choice. It's kind of a bop but...

Souvenir is pretty nice, kind of in the Vulnerable vein.

1. Boyfriend
2. Lose You to Love Me
3. Rare
4. Souvenir
5. Look At Her Now
6. She
7. Crowded Room
8. Vulnerable
9. Dance Again
10. Ring
11. A Sweeter Place
12. People You Know
13. Cut You Off
14. Let Me Get Me
15. Kinda Crazy
16. Fun
17. Feel Me
Boyfriend is the kind of life the standard album really missed. That sample is lush, she’s a cute vibe.

I can’t help but think how different her album campaign would have been received if she’d led with this. Ready made for Radio. Lose You To Love me was massive for her, but personally I’d have been more shook at this insta quote bop starting the proceedings.

Her delivery on Souvenir is startling, but it makes a nice change to hear her so... loud. The pre-chorus is quite lovely but the break is a bit dull. A fun story though, would have fit on Revival.

Cover is stunning.

She exists.
Boyfriend into Lose You To Love Me as the first two tracks of an album. Wow, no pretence of attempting a throughline I guess.

Considering I thought Revival was one of the best pop albums of 2015, I listened to Rare like twice and couldn't tell you how most of it goes. Shame.
She is literally the same song as Let Me Get Me. Queen of recycling to save the planet! Feel Me remains the best of the four new additions by some margin.
Souvenir and She are so nice. Boyfriend isn't on the same level but still better than some songs we've already heard.
The tracklist is literally in order of what people were most receptive toward. Boyfriend is good, and Souvenir is nice. I do think she's truly just releasing what she wants and I expected the label have this era reboot with a big single, but Ms. Gomez doesn't do that anymore so.
The new tracks really give the album more flare IMO. I have warmed up to the album in the past month. Its not what i wanted but i'm glad I got it. Boyfriend is so much fun esp since i'm desperate for new music.
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